Twitter User Shares Photo Of Gigantic Banana, Stuns The Internet


Social media is one fascinating place. Apart from bringing people together online, it’s used to share bits and pieces of information related to food, technology, fashion and basically, everything under the sun.  Anything that’s unique often grabs eyeballs. One such post with a foodie twist is attracting everyone’s attention on Twitter. The food item in question is a banana. Sounds, normal? Well, it is far from normal. It is not just a usual-size banana. Instead, we have a gigantic banana. A Twitter user has shared a set of two pictures of a gigantic banana that’s worthy enough to set records. 

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The post has garnered over 5 million views on the micro-blogging platform.  People have also tried to guess the size by looking at the pictures. While some social media users are surprised, others are curious to know the type. 

A user added a GIF that read, “How is that banana so huge!!!!?”

Another stated, “When your doctor says you need potassium”.

“That can make enough plantain bread to feed 5,000 people,” read a comment.

Wondering if it is a genetically modified banana burrito, a person stated, “What the hell is this? Some kind of genetically modified banana burrito?”

In the middle of this, a person wrote, “There are so many different types of not only just fruit, in general, people have no idea about but bananas, there’s a banana that grows in a giant seed pod that looks like marshmallow and tastes like vanilla ice cream.”

Have you ever seen a gigantic banana like this ever before? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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