Twitter User Suggests Herb Cookbook For Singles, And Everyone Loves The Idea


Users poured in their thoughts to the unique and interesting idea.


  • Twitter user shared an interesting idea for a herb cookbook
  • The proposal struck a chord with thousands of users online
  • Take a look at the interesting Twitter thread

Cooking is an art which takes time to master. Beginner cooks slowly learn what goes into the making of the perfect dish. Right from the preparation to the plating, each stage of the process requires steadiness and patience. It is important to refer to the recipe while cooking in order to ensure ideal results every time. There are a number of ways to find recipes, whether searching for them online or referring to cookbooks. A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging platform to make a useful suggestion for a prospective cookbook. The wonderful idea was a hit with Tweeple. Take a look at his proposal here:

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Twitter user @karonliu shared the proposal for a cookbook which could feature on the topic of how to use herbs for single people. He suggested that the cookbook could contain, “Recipes that uses the whole bunch of herbs in one go (or divided into two meals).” This was an idea that came to him after he realised he would have to purchase a whole bunch just to use a few sprigs for garnish. The remainder bunch would then go bad and have to be thrown. His idea was to create even more recipes with the herbs so that they could be optimally utilised. He also suggested the creation of a store which would sell fresh herbs by the sprig.


The tweet went viral garnering over 2.4k likes and counting. Hundreds of users commented and shared their own struggle with using leftover herbs. Several users also shared their own inputs about how they would recycle the remaining herbs, such as by making piquant dips or herbal butter with them.

Take a look at some reactions:

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Some also suggested growing some herbs in a kitchen garden or a small kitchenette. If you want to grow your own herbs, here’s a foolproof guide that may come in handy. There are also a number of storage hacks and techniques to retain the herbs’ freshness and maintain longevity. Click here for some expert tips to store fresh and herbs.

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