UnCafe Is Delhis Latest Restaurant Making Healthy Food Mainstream


The two years of the pandemic have brought about a renewed focus on health. Physical health and mental well-being is no longer on the back burner but is our first and foremost priority. The right kind of diet is obviously a significant part of a healthy and illness-free lifestyle. Many people are giving up meat and opting for vegetarian or vegan diets nowadays. This means eating healthy not just at home, but even while going out. With a number of options for diners, UnCafe is Delhi’s latest restaurant that is making healthy food mainstream. This café in South Delhi is a great option for health enthusiasts as well as those who are calorie-conscious.

Located in Green Park Market in South Delhi, UnCafe is a modern space with unique elements in its décor. It is done up with pure white interiors that instantly calm you down – plus the indoor plants and wooden look give it an additional earthy feel. The idea behind UnCafe is to focus on farm-to-table meals with hydroponically grown produce. Their vegetarian-only menu provides healthy bowls that you can build yourself, along with other options such as salads, sandwiches, smoothies et cetera. The aim is to make healthy food accessible by providing a fulfilling and nutritious meal to customers.

Appetisers And Drinks

We kicked off our meal at UnCafe with a yummy starter called Totally Toasted from the ‘Unplate’ section. Crispy toasts were served with a selection of three interesting gourmet butters made with garlic, mustard and sundried tomato respectively and garnished with microgreens. Next up from our selection was the Frittata, a Spanish classical omelette-style preparation paired with baby potatoes, greens, tomatoes, scallions and cheese. The wholesome dish was quite delicious and instantly satiated our hunger pangs.

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Totally Toasted at UnCafe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food


Frittata at UnCafe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

While there was a huge selection of salads at UnCafe, we opted for a simple Fruit Salad with seasonal fruits such as pineapple, melon, green apple, grapes, dragonfruit and blueberries sprinkled with edible flowers. The salad came with two kinds of dressings – a creamy hung curd as well as a unique honey tabasco sauce. For drinks, we had the cold Spanish latte with espresso ice cubes served with regular and sweetened milk. It was an interesting and experimental take on the usual cold coffee!


Fruit Salad at UnCafe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food


Spanish Latte at UnCafe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

Main Course And Desserts

If you thought UnCafe was just about small bites, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. We were spoilt for choice and finally ended up trying the Italian Pea and Barley Risotto from the ‘Warm Bowls’ section. The emphasis in this dish was on fresh seasonal vegetables that covered the entire Risotto. The sweetness from the Tomato Kombucha sauce perfectly complimented this wholesome dish. The Mexican Cottage Cheese wrap was our next pick, a whole wheat delight served with sweet potato chips and a thousand island dip. Truly a combination of health and taste!

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Italian Pea and Barley Risotto at Uncafe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food


Mexican Cottage Cheese Wrap at UnCafe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

There are plenty of desserts too for those who have a sweet tooth. We tried the dish called ‘Salt Says Hi To Caramel‘ which was basically a salted caramel éclair. The interesting preparation had a gooey caramel filling inside as well as on top, bringing a sweet end to our meal.


Salt Says Hi To Caramel – Salted Caramel Eclair at UnCafe. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

So, next time you want to binge to your heart’s content without worrying about the calories, visit UnCafe in Delhi. We bet you’ll be coming back for more very soon!

What: UnCafe

Where: Shop 35A, Main Market, Green Park, New Delhi

(home delivery in Delhi and Gurgaon)

When: 11:30am-9pm

Price for two: Rs. 1,200 (approx.)

For further enquires, contact: +91- 9667437772

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