Viral: Blogger Reveals Differences In Same U.S. and U.K. Foods; Internet Is Shocked


Food blogger shared differences in the ingredients of same foods.


  • Food blogger shared ingredients list of same U.S. and U.K. foods.
  • The glaring differences shocked the internet.
  • See the viral Instagram post here.

We always wondered why same foods from the same brands taste different in different countries. We always assumed it could be because of the difference in the flavours of the local ingredients used in the preparation of these foods. But never did we realise that the actual composition of the ingredients could be different in different regions. A company’s signature recipe won’t change, right? But this food blogger opened our eyes with a shocking revelation. She compared the ingredients list of some popular foods sold in the U.K. and the U.S. and revealed the difference in the ingredients used in the two regions. 

From our favourite potato fries and chips to tomato sauce, corn flakes and even chocolates, food blogger Vani Hari pointed out some glaring differences in the ingredients list of the same products bought in the U.S. and U.K. She even posted the pictures of the back labels of the products on her Instagram handle ‘thefoodbabe’.

Take a look at the post:

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Vani Hari wrote in her post: “It’s so interesting to see this perspective of our work from the UK! When I investigated the differences between European and American food products, I was disgusted. As soon as I found this out, I wanted everyone to know about it.”

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The Instagram post drew more than 5k likes and hundreds of comments. Many followers agreed with Vani and some admitted to have noticed the difference in taste themselves.

“Wow. Why does there have to be so many more bad ingredients in US foods?

“US loves adding high fructose corn syrup to everything.”


“Thanks for sharing!! Its soo eye-opening to see the differences!”

“Yes the fries taste different! I’ve had both from the US and in Europe. McD’s is Europe is most def cleaner/better tasting. After eating the fries in the US afterwards you taste the oil and film it leaves in your mouth.”

“Reminds me of the time when we took our US friends to Ireland and they tasted European eggs and bacon for the first time. I will never forget their faces. Like they’ve never tasted it before.”

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