Viral: Man Cites Partners Love For Momos Among Reasons For Break-Up, Internet Reacts


Momos are loved by many street food enthusiasts. We all have that one buddy in our group who makes devouring them a daily ritual. But deciding to part ways because of a momo obsession is unheard of. It might sound strange, but here is a real-life incident where a man could not handle his girlfriend’s momo love (among other reasons) and delivered the breakup news through a WhatsApp audio message. The girl forwarded this clip to her best friend, who thought it was so extraordinary that it deserved a place on social media.  The tweet swiftly went viral and sparked a wave of reactions from people.

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In the audio clip, we can hear a man explaining his reasons for wanting to break up. He mentions his partner’s hair colour as well as her causing him to miss an important cricket match. But what caught our attention was the next part: “Sabse badi baat tujhe roz momos khane hote hai yaar. 633 calories hoti hai har plate mein. Unko pachane ke liye pta nahi kitni baar abs marni padti hai mujhe. Kha Kha ke abs ka bhi abba bna pada hai. Dekh bura mat maniyo, tujhe boyfriend nahin, tujhe gulaam chahiye. Aur yeh gulami nahi hogi ab mujhse. So, goodbye. [The biggest issue is that you have momos every day. Each plate packs 633 calories. I don’t even know how much I’ve to work out on my abs. Don’t take it the wrong way, but you don’t need a boyfriend; you need a slave. And I’m not going to be that slave anymore. So, goodbye.]”

The text attached to the video reads, “No way this guy broke up with my bestie like this.”

The post has received more than 640K views so far. In another bizarre development, the X user shared that she came to know that the man’s words were strikingly similar to the dialogue from the show “Half Love Half Arranged”. She posted a clip from a scene in the show’s first episode, in which the character Mandeep is heard speaking those lines. Take a look at it below.

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Other X users had a lot to say about this situation. Check out some of the reactions below:

A user wrote, “Ye banda calories count karke momos khata hai aur mai ye bhi nahi count karta maine momos kitne khaye [This guy counts the calories while eating momos, and I don’t even count how many momos I’ve had.]”

Another one added, “Koi baat nahi roshni hum dono sath chalenge momos khane [No worries, Roshni, we’ll go together to eat momos.]”

Yeh ladka calories count krke momos khaata hai utne calories ki toh chutney khaa leta hu momos ke sath [This guy counts calories while eating momos; I consume chutney with as many calories],” read a comment.

A user addedd, “Jaane do usko Roshni Jo saath me momos khane nahi chal sakta wo zindagi bhar saath kya dega [Let him go, Roshni. Someone who can’t join us for momos won’t offer much companionship in the long run].”

“If he can’t fulfil your craving for momos, he isn’t the one Roshni,” wrote one user. 

Another echoed the sentiment, “Roshni, you deserve someone who holds your hands and says, I love seeing you while eating momos.”

What did you think of the incident?

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