Viral Video: American Womans Love For Rice Made Her Buy 22 Kilograms For Herself


Rice is a big part of the staple Asian diet, whether we see India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, or even Pakistan! Our lives and meals are incomplete without a generous serving of rice. But that’s not the case for Western countries; for them, rice is an exotic dish and it is not normal for them to eat rice every day. Very rarely do we see people from the West enjoy rice because it is not part of their staple diet. But one American woman is changing minds on the internet. Adrien from Minneapolis, the USA, also known as @artwitch95 on Instagram, is a big fan of rice and her provocation of love for rice has gone viral on the internet! Take a look:

“My entire life my favourite food has just been like white rice,” says Adrien to declare her obsession with rice. The 26-year-old loves rice so much that she had added a rice dispenser on Amazon Wishlist and finally she got the rice dispenser as a gift for Christmas! The rice dispenser can hold 25 pounds of rice (11 kilograms). She was so happy to receive this gift that she went out of her way to use it. Rather than buying 1 pound of rice (450 grams) of rice every week, she decided to buy 50 pounds of rice (22 kilograms) all for herself – “I am so giddy about how much rice I have!”

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Never have we seen someone fangirl about rice like Adrien does! The video was uploaded by @9gag on Instagram and it has garnered 1.1 million views and 48k likes. Here is what people said about this woman’s rice obsession:

“I’ve never seen a person be so happy about rice.”

“She has the best kind of energy”

“So when are you (sic) moving to Asia??”

“She is sooo cute…So excited because (sic) of rice, too sweet OMG”

“We Asians are so proud of you”

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