Viral Video: Man Eats 50 Omelettes In One Go, Calls Himself Competitive Eater


Food lovers all over the world must have, at least once in their lives, claimed that they could finish off a table full of dishes if given the chance. On most days, we don’t know if they are just hungry or simply crazy to say so! Well, whatever the reason, most of us have seen people gobble up huge amounts of food in one sitting. However, what if we told you that there is a man who is neither backed by hunger nor stupidity when he finishes unfathomable amounts of food? He simply does it to be called a ‘competitive eater’. Yes, you read that right; an Indian man has been proudly using the tag of ‘competitive eater’ as his identity and has amassed millions of followers on media platforms.

We recently came across a video uploaded by ‘porchezhiyan_sr’, on the page run by saapatturaman. For the unversed, Saapattu Raman is a man who has gone viral several times because of his extensive eating challenges. The most recent one that caught our eyes was the one where he completed a grand total of 50 farm egg omelettes. The video has gained over 6.1 mil views, 162k likes and 495 comments. The man can be seen sitting in front of a table full of omelettes served on banana leaves. He folds one omelette and takes a bite, keeps the banana leave aside and continues to eat. Look at the video here:

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Although he calls himself a competitive eater and often uploads videos of himself having huge amounts of food, the viewers are still in shock about how can someone eat this much. The comments left on the video range from hilarious to concerning. One funny comment left on the video read “Banana leaf pending sir. Please complete them also” while the other was “Achievement unlocked: Protein Poisoning.”.

Many comments stated how he could have just shared this with the needy – one comment read “Please……., not! Give it to poor people in your country”, while the other said, “Don’t waste food by eating more than sufficient.”

This isn’t the first time Saapattu has uploaded a video of this kind. He runs a successful YouTube channel with his son where the duo is often seen challenging each other to humongous food challenges.

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Another one of his videos which crossed the million-view mark was a vada eating challenge that he took with both his sons. The video has 2.6 million views; look at it here:

What do you think about these food challenges? Are they entertaining or just plain wastage of food?

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