Viral Video Of Man Extracting Juice With Drill Machine Is Making The Internet Laugh


We, desis, are known for our ingenious jugaads. When our remote acts up, a swift hit at the back usually does the trick. When the toothpaste is on its last legs, we squeeze every bit out of it. And don’t even get started on our knack for collecting leftover candle wax to craft a vibrant new one. Apparently, this trait is not exclusive to us. A recent video from Spain showcased a man extracting juice in an unconventional manner. The Instagram reel showcases him using a drilling machine to make juice. Yes, you read that right. After watching this unique method, people could not help but post a plethora of hilarious reactions.

In the video, a mixer jar half-filled with fruits is shown. Rather than connecting it to a traditional mixer, the man opts for an uncommon approach. He lifts the jar, placing a drilling machine beneath it. Upon attaching the machine, the blades start spinning rapidly. The outcome? A flawlessly blended fruit juice, showcasing a surprisingly effective and inventive method.
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Take a look at the video below:

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It may seem unbelievable, but this video has garnered an impressive 23.3 million views. 

A user wrote, “ Was I the only one waiting for something bad to happen?”

Another added, “If he wanted, he could be in NASA.”

“Well, this is the right way when electricity is gone, “ said a person.

A person jested, “He does not dominate the world, just because he does not want to.”

“My mind is so damaged that I was waiting for a disaster,” read a comment.

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