Watch: Adorable Dog Seems To Be Delivering Food On The Streets; Netizens Are Amazed


Nowadays, we often find ourselves scrolling endlessly on social media applications. When it comes to food, it becomes even more challenging as the thought of having our favourite dish or dessert delivered to us right at our doorstep is too tempting and hard to escape. But, have you ever seen a dog delivering a food package? If you’re a dog lover, just like us, you’d want your next food order delivered by one too. We recently came across a video that shows a dog walking on the street with a food package in his mouth. It seems like he’s going to deliver it in his neighbourhood and we wish it was our order! 

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The video was recently shared on the Instagram page ‘Dogs of Instagram’. In the video, we can see a Golden Retriever across the street carrying a food package in his mouth. It seems like the video was recorded by a pedestrian. The dog is also wearing a leash but he is not accompanied by anyone. “New delivery service in NYC @louiesgotbooties via @dogsofnyc”, says the caption of the video. Take a look: 

Looks adorable, right? Originally posted on June 13, 2022, the video has garnered over 44,000 likes so far and has left netizens amazed. It has also received hundreds of comments. 

A comment read, “I would use this delivery service every single day.” Another person wrote, “OMG! I would have to order every day because after the 1st delivery, I would need to see that face every day!” 

Another person commented, “Would literally order out every single day!” “I would subscribe to whatever just to get this delivery boy daily!” read another comment. 

What do you think about this adorable video? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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