Watch: American Woman Tries Popular Indian Snacks For The First Time


Did you know that some of the snacks we enjoy in India are only available to us?! Yes, you read it right! Many of the chips and chocolates we snack on are unique to us. Growing up, we loved to indulge in these snacks and even as adults we get excited when we get hold of a packet of our favourite chips. While we are familiar with the tastes of these snacks, have you ever wondered how someone unfamiliar with Indian flavours would react? One American woman took up the bold challenge of spending her day only trying Indian snacks. She indulged in Indian snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she reviewed all the snacks too! Take a look:

She started her day with Snickers Kesar Pista, Kurkure and Cadbury Lickable Oreo Crunch. For lunch, she snacked on Blue Lays and Chocolate Pudding Kitkat. Lastly, for dinner, she ate Sizzling Hot Lays and Dark Chocolate Brownie Kitkat. In total, she spent the day eating five chocolates and two packets of chips. Here’s how she rated all the snacks.

Kurkure – 8.5/10

Cadbury Lickable Oreo Crunch – 10/10

Blue Lays -11/10

Sizzling Hot Lays – 9/10

Dark chocolate Brownie Kitkat – 11.5/10 

Snickers Kesar Pista – 9/10

Chocolate Pudding Kitkat – 10/10 

As kids, many of us wished to eat snacks throughout the day, and this lady seems to be living our childhood dream. The woman thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Lays and the Dark Chocolate Brownie Kitkat and her awe-struck face conveyed just how pleasantly surprised she was! The video was uploaded by @karissadumbacher who has 152k followers. The video has 796k views as well as 58.4k likes.

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Indians were happy to see the American woman enjoying all the Indian snacks as much as we do. Here’s what they commented on the internet:

“These snacks are the best ever. These chips are not even minutely spicy for us, they’re just yum.”

“Haha, I call them Indian Cheetos! You should try the green Kurkure green chutney style.. so much better than Masala Munch.”

“I just can’t get over the way you bite into that KitKat…the anxiety!”

“I used to think US candies were elite when I was a kid. It’s a lie. After living in the US for 2 years, I miss Dairy Milk Silk.”

“How do you not get sick?!?!? I’d be sick to my stomach”

What do you think of her review? Do you agree with her ratings? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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