Watch: Customers Make Their Own Food At A Restaurant After Chef Quits


One of the biggest reasons we go to a restaurant is to avoid cooking ourselves. Our favourite food cooked and served by someone else gives us a sense of inexplicable luxury. But what if you enter a restaurant and find no one to make food for you? You would obviously dash out and probably go to another restaurant. But this person turned out to be too loyal a customer to turn her back on the restaurant. Ashley Tha MC, a rap artist in Texas, went to a local Waffle House to have delicious waffles, but when she found out that the chef there wasn’t going to cook, she took the matter in her own hands, and along with her friends, made their own waffles. 

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Ashley shot the entire episode and shared on her Instagram handle ‘ashleythamac’. The video first shows the employee of the Waffle House standing outside the eatery. The text on the video reads, “The Waffle House man said he quit and refused to make our food, so we made our own.” However, the video also shows that the customers “almost burnt the waffles”! 

Watch the video here: 

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According to the Newsweek report, Ashley narrated the story as: “I arrived at Waffle House around midnight after a concert to grab some food. Two workers were outside arguing and told us they were not serving anybody else and they were waiting on their rides to come to leave.” 

Ashley asked the employee if they could make their own waffles and leave the money on the table to which the employee apparently agreed. 

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The funny video is made funnier with Ashley rapping in the background. The video attracted many laughing emojis and comments like, “Rent A Waffle – that’s an idea – a kitchen where you can go and cook your own food, grocery provided”, “This can’t be real” and “I laughed so hard at this”.  

Would you ever dare to cook your own food in a restaurant? 

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