Watch: Cute Girl Gets Upset With Turkish Ice Cream Vendor, Starts Crying


If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy desserts, ice cream would undoubtedly be one of the favourites on your list. The creamy goodness of delicious flavours served in a crunchy cone – what’s there not to like? Those who are active on social media would be aware of a unique Turkish ice cream that has become quite popular in the recent past. Not your usual ice cream, this interesting dessert is served with a twist in terms of the way you receive it from the ice cream vendor. In a recent video, however, a cute girl was in no mood for the Turkish ice cream sellers’ tricks. Wondering what we mean? Read on to know.

A video shared by the popular account @Gulzar_sahab showed a cute little girl who got upset with the Turkish ice cream vendor serving ice cream to her. She was clearly angry with him for not giving her ice cream and she even started crying because of it. Take a look at the video here:

“Why are you troubling the poor little girl,” read the caption to the clip. The video has received over 87k views and 3.5k likes since the time it was posted. In the video, we could see the cute girl standing at the counter where Turkish ice cream was being served. The vendor was handing out the ice cream in the characteristic style with lots of gimmicks and tricks. The little girl, however, was in no mood for these crazy antics. She simply took the cone and flung it back at him as onlookers laughed.

Twitter users posted their reactions and comments to the video. Some felt that the adorable girl should not be troubled and made to cry in this way. “Ice cream seller must be punished,” said one user. Others could relate to this emotion of craving some delicious food but being deprived of the same. “It’s children’s favourite food. You can’t make fun of it,” wrote one user.

Take a look at the reactions:

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This is not the only Turkish ice cream vendor video to have grabbed eyeballs. Previously, a young boy gave the vendor a taste of his own medicine when he grabbed the ice cream and snatched it away from him. The hilarious video left the internet in splits. Click here to read more about this story.

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