Watch: Delivery Driver Takes Back Customers Food As Rs. 650 Tip Was Not Enough


There is no dearth of bizarre content on the internet. We have seen all sorts of strange and entertaining videos on our daily scrolls through our social media feeds. One category of videos that often goes viral on Instagram and Twitter is that of food delivery drivers. Since food delivery has become quite a common feature of our daily lives now, there are often many hilarious instances and anecdotes that happen with our delivery drivers. Recently, a delivery driver took back a customer’s food as she felt that the tip that the customer gave was not enough.
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The video was originally shared in December 2020 but has been going viral yet again. The clip was shared by a page called Driver Man and it has received over 1.6 million views since the time it was posted.

In the clip, the delivery person could be seen captured in the door camera. Even though the food order was with her and ready, she seemed to be angry with the amount that was tipped to her. She stated that the distance she drove was quite long and took her about 40 minutes to get there. Although the customer had added an $8 tip (Rs. 650 approx), the delivery driver was completely disappointed and angry with it. She took the drastic step of refusing to deliver the food and actually returned it!
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A number of users reacted to the viral video of the delivery driver. “This woman has never worked for tips before. Eight dollars is a Home Run,” said one user. “As a door dash driver, an 8-dollar tip is good money!! I can’t believe she took the food back,” said another one. “This is exactly why I refuse to order food from Doordash or any other food delivery service. Drivers are insane. I prefer to go drive myself and get my food than deal with this,” revealed another user.

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