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Make pasta at home with this recipe.


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When we think of making pasta at home, we often use the store-bought raw pasta to cook. But if you want your dish to be homemade in every sense, why not make raw pasta at home too? The idea might have never occurred to you because you always thought that a special machine was used to make pasta. But we have discovered  a recipe for you that uses old-school method of making past, i.e with hands. All you need are 4 simple ingredients – all-purpose flour, some salt, eggs and olive oil – and you are all set to making fresh, hygienic homemade pasta. 

For 100 gms of flour, you should take one egg. This recipe uses 300 gms of flour, so three eggs are used. This pasta dough can be used to make any kind of pasta you like – penne, fusilli, ravioli and so on. Try this recipe posted by Chef Raji Gupta on her YouTube channel ‘Beyond Dining And Co’ and you’ll never buy pasta from market again.

Complete recipe of handmade pasta dough: 

Step 1 – Put 300 gms of plain flour on a flat surface. Make a well inside the flour. Put salt and mix.

Step 2 – In the centre, crack 3 eggs. Beat and mix the eggs inside the well without breaking the boundaries. 

Step 3 – Now knead dough with the all the flour with the help of hands. Use warm water if required. Knead well. Remember this dough is a bit hard and takes more time to knead.

Step 4 – When the dough is soft, coat it with olive oil and cling wrap it. Keep it in the fridge for 45 minutes. Then use it to make pasta of your choice. 

Watch the full recipe video here:


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