Watch: How To Make Chenna Murki From Scratch (Chenna Recipe Inside)


Foodies tend to walk around the house looking for quick snacks to munch on. We want to eat something that we can keep handy, something that tastes delicious and keeps us occupied! It is why we have a tendency to eat biscuits or namkeen. Keeping our snacking habits in mind, we have found the recipe for an extremely popular snack that will also satisfy your sweet tooth – chenna murki! This East Indian snack is popularly found in sweet shops in Bengal and Orissa. Now, you can easily make it at home as well. The key ingredient of this snack is chenna, which is not easily available at a grocery store. Therefore, you can also learn how to make chenna at home.

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How To Make Chenna At Home:

Making chenna is actually very simple. All you need is milk (ideally full cream), any kind of citric acid – lemon juice or vinegar and warm water. It is very similar to the process of making paneer at home.

Start by mixing lemon juice in the warm water, keep aside. Next, bring the milk to a boil and let it cool for a few minutes. Add the water-lemon juice mixture to the milk. Stir the milk, you’ll observe it curdle. Keep stirring until the milk curdles completely leaving behind the greenish liquid. Once the milk is completely curdled, strain the water using a muslin cloth. Place the wrapped curdled milk under running water so that the tanginess of the citrus washes away. Squeeze out the moisture from curdled milk and let the muslin hang for a while. The chenna is ready! Now you can shape it or cut it however you like.


Chenna Murki Recipe: How To Make Chenna Murki

Heat water in a pan, add sugar and let it dissolve completely. Add cardamom pods. Once the flavour is absorbed in the sugar syrup, just remove the pods. Add the fresh chenna to the pan and cook it till the chenna has completely soaked the syrup. Chenna murki is ready!

Watch the step-by-step video of Chenna Murki recipe video in the Header Section.

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