Watch: How To Make Spicy Onion-Garlic Chutney And Store It For A Year


It is not easy to cook up a storm every day of the week. There would be days where you have to settle for simple dal-roti or khichdi, and there is nothing much you can do about it, or can you? Chutneys, pickles and condiments are an excellent way to spruce up your mundane meals. There are countless chutney recipes that have come to our rescue on various occasions. Mint, coriander, turmeric, tomato, dates, curd, chillies – what all can we not use to whip up a fantastic chutney. One such chutney is onion chutney. This thick, red, spicy chutney is an absolute winner. This recipe of onion chutney by food vlogger Reshu also comes with the goodness of garlic and mustard seeds.

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Here’s How To Make Spicy Onion-Garlic Chutney | Spicy Onion-Garlic Chutney Recipe:

1. Take soaked peeled onions and chop them roughly.
2. Start preparing the masala. Add dhaniya, methi dana, jeera, saunf and dry roast the, in a pan. This removes the moisture in the masalas, which could help store the chutney for a longer time.
3. After about two minutes add hing. Roast it well.
4. Switch off the flame and let the masalas cool. Transfer them onto a separate plate. Grind them once cool.
5. In the same pan take a cooking oil of your choice. Let the oil heat.
6. Add garlic, onions and mix them together until onions are slightly soft. Mix on medium flame.
7. A dried red chillies and roast them together. Let it cool.
8. Grind the masalas together.
9. Grind the onion-chill mix together.
10.Take the pan with left-over oil. To this pan add some mustard seeds and kalonji seeds. Roast it together.
11. Add the onion paste to this tadka. Mix well.
12. Add Kashmiri red chilli powder, salt, amchur powder, and the masala you just made. Mix everything well. Roast everything together on low-medium flame for 3-4 minutes.
13. Switch off the gas. Serve the chutney in a  bowl.

You can also store the chutney in an air-tight container for over a year. This chutney can be paired with a range of things like paratha, naan, roti, rice. 

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Watch the full recipe video of Spicy Onion-Garlic Chutney here:

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