Watch: Idiyappam And Tomato Chutney Recipe A Popular South Indian Breakfast Combo


We can credit south Indian cuisine for gifting us with some fantastic breakfast dishes. Dosa, idli, upma, poha – the list goes on. While these are some common south Indian breakfasts that are seen in homes all across the country, let’s explore the cuisine further to dig out more. Idiyappam is a popular breakfast item in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and even Sri Lanka! Also known as string hooper, nool pottu and noolappam, idiyappam is basically rice noodles curled into a disc-shaped blob. It is best paired with stew or chutneys.

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Idiyappam and tomato chutney make for a terrific combo for a quick breakfast when there is not much time to prepare the stew. We have a recipe that makes idiyappam, the traditional way, and is paired with spicy tomato chutney, that is charred to bring a bang of smoky flavour. Food vlogger Ananya Banerjee shared the recipe on her YouTube channel, and we are saving it to make for our next breakfast meal.

How To Make Idiyappam and Tomato Chutney: Idiyappam Chutney Recipe:

To being the recipe, first, char the vegetables for tomato chutney. Keep onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and green chilli on the stove to char. Soak the charred vegetables in water for some time. Peel off the charred skin and blend the vegetables to make chutney along with salt, a dash of sugar, coriander leaves and some water.

Roast rice flour, add some water, and some salt and mix well. Add some olive oil, and saute again. Cover and let the flour cook for 2-3 minutes. Now fill the flour mixture into the idiyappam moulds. If you have banana leaves, line the idli moulds with them. Squeeze out rice noodles from the idiyappam moulds onto the idli mould and let them steam.

Make tadka in oil with mustard seeds and curry leaves, and pour a dash of chutney in the tadka. Be careful of the high flame. Now, take out the steamed idiyappam and pair it with the tomato chutney garnished with the prepared tempering.

Watch the complete recipe of the delicious south Indian recipe here and enjoy a wonderful breakfast.

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