Watch: Pastry Chefs Incredible Chocolate Chessboard Leaves Internet Stunned


Whether for its amazing versatility or its delicious taste – chocolate is one of the favourite ingredients on pastry chefs’ radar. Foodies often spot these chefs working with different kinds of chocolate to create marvellous and stunning desserts. From cakes to brownies, truffles to mousse – there are a plethora of chocolate desserts out there. But what would your reaction be if you encountered a chessboard made with chocolate? Renowned pastry chef Amaury Guichon recently shared the making of this very incredible chocolate chessboard. He shared the video on his official Instagram handle @amauryguichon which has gone viral. The stunning creation has left the internet stunned. Take a look at the video he shared:

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“The Chessboard Game! A delicious triple chocolate cake in disguise. You only get to eat if you win,” teased chef Guichon in the caption of the post. The Instagram Reels video has already received over 23.2 million views and 2 million likes since the time it was posted.

In the video, he demonstrated how the chocolate chessboard was crafted from scratch. The chef used many different techniques and chocolate varieties in the making of the chessboard. The great attention to detail by the celebrity chef was the icing on the cake (literally!).

Amaury Guichon further explained what exactly went into the making of this chocolate-based chessboard. “This very playful triple chocolate cake in disguise is composed of a double chocolate chip cookie, a crunchy recomposed streusel, a dark chocolate ganache, a moist dark chocolate sponge, a layer of milk chocolate cremeux and a light white chocolate mousse. All the added decorative elements are crafted in dark and white chocolate,” he wrote.

Internet users couldn’t help but shower praises on the masterful pastry chef’s chocolate chessboard. Many gave him full marks for creativity and the hard work he put into making the creation. “Honestly was such a masterpiece I didn’t like watching it being cut,” wrote one user. Another said, “Now you truly can eat your opponent’s chess pieces when they’re not looking!”

What did you think of the chocolate chessboard made by the pastry chef? Tell us in the comments.

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