Watch: US Blogger Cooks Rotis At Delhi Gurudwara, Desis Appreciate


Travelling to India is an experience nothing short of breath-taking. Explore the lengths and breadths of the country, and you will find so many diverse cuisines, marvellous sights and all-new experiences. Popular blogger and chef Eitan Bernath recently embarked on a journey in India. The US-based chef has been exploring multiple Indian cities with his family on his trip, including Goa, Jaipur, Patna and even Delhi. On his visit to Delhi, Bernath had an interesting experience that got appreciation from many desi foodies on the internet. The US blogger cooked rotis at a Delhi Gurudwara, and the video has gone viral among desi foodies. Take a look:

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In the video, chef Eitan showed us a glimpse of the kitchen of a Gurudwara or ‘Sikh Temple’ as he referred to it. He was wearing the traditional headscarf and so was the rest of his family. Bernath explained to his followers the concept of ‘langar’ or community kitchen, and how the Sikh people cooked meals that anyone could come and enjoy. Further, they also had an automatic roti-making machine that could make up to 4,000 rotis every hour. The US blogger was clearly impressed with this amazing concept. “If you need me, I’m researching how I can get one of those roti machines in my NYC apartment,” he wrote in the caption of this post.

The video by the US blogger has received over 1.1 million views and 66.6k likes since the time it was posted. Indian users left hundreds of appreciative comments for the video. “I’m so happy you got to visit a Sikh gurdwara, learn about the faith and participate in langar,” said one user. “You went for Langar Sewa! Omg, you precious boy. Your parents brought you up so well,” added another. “You passed the test of making round rotis,” appreciated one user. “Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism said no one shall ever leave hungry and there will always be food for everyone. There are thousands of gurudwaras around the world and they all serve fresh food (langar) daily to everyone,” explained another one.

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