Watch: Video Of “Sweet Baby Chef” Cooking Egg Sandwich Impresses Internet


What is your early memory of cooking in the kitchen? Let’s admit it; many of us used our first set of pots or pans when we were compelled to make a cup of tea or a bowl of instant noodles, right? While you might have tried your hands-on cooking when you were a grown teenager, an adorable kid is setting new kitchen goals early on. A video of a “sweet baby chef” is going viral on social media and it is too adorable to miss. The clip opens with a toddler, decked up in a light blue apron and pants as well as the chef’s hat, sitting on a small stool, levelling his height with the stove.

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First, he spins a dough of bread on the stove and covers it with a bowl. Next, he pours a spoonful of oil and breaks an egg onto it. He lifts the bowl and flips the bread to cook it evenly on both the sides. Meanwhile, he adds some red sauce on top of his half fry. Now, he opens the cooked bread from the centre, and places a lettuce leaf followed by the half fry. And voila, the yummy looking meal is ready. The “sweet baby chef” sits on his stool and adorably relishes the snack. 

The 37-second video has so far clocked over 3 lakh views on the microblogging site. Watch here:

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The internet is in awe of the baby chef. Some even mentioned that their grandkids would someday cook them food just like the baby in the viral video. 

“This would be my lil grand baby someday cooking up for gampy,” a user tweeted. 

While some called the baby a “great chef”, others lauded his efficiency. 

One of the users wrote: “Part of me finds this cute and inspiring… a bigger part of me is screaming that a kid of his age shouldn’t have to be doing things like that.”

“I want to hang out with this little dude. At least you get feed, and it looks like good food too. Thank you,” a tweet read on the microblogging site. 

When was the first time you tried your hands-on cooking? Let us know in the comment section.

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