Watch: Viral Video Of Elderly Woman Feeding Her Husband Will Make You Smile


The internet is brimming with different types of content. Be it something funny, educational or motivating, a quick scroll through social media has the power to alter our mood in just a matter of seconds. Heartwarming content in particular such as inspiring stories of people overcoming challenges, acts of kindness or uplifting messages of encouragement provides a sense of comfort and optimism in times of adversity. Then there are certain videos that make you smile and cry at the same time. Recently, we came across one such video in which an elderly woman can be seen feeding her husband. The video has gone viral on the internet and it will definitely melt your heart. 

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The viral video was shared on Instagram by an animator named Aba Zeons. In the clip, we can see an elderly woman sitting with her husband at a function. She was feeding rice to him with her own hands. The entire moment was just too precious and it will certainly make you believe in true love. Check out the full video here:

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Since being uploaded, the video has amassed over 12 million views, 1.2 million likes and thousands of comments. Internet users were quick to shower their love and wishes for the elderly couple. Some people also remembered their grandparents after looking at the heartwarming video. Check out some of the reactions below:

One user wrote, “God will always bless them.”

“Remembering my grandparents,” added another.

A third comment read, “Truly understanding relationships.”

Another comment read, “Pure love and a beautiful soul.”

A fifth user commented, “Current generation and the next generation won’t be able to do this.”

“In this era, you guys will never find this type of bond,” added another. 

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