Weekend Special: 7 Chickpea Snacks That You Would Love To Devour


Snack time is special for many of us. We feel great when we indulge in something tasty and easy while enjoying a cup of tea. You may not want to have an oily greasy preparation always, it could be something simple to munch on, right? If you are looking for healthy snacking options, we suggest you look into these chickpea recipes. Chickpeas are a great source of protein and offer a number of health benefits. It is said that their low-fat content and fibrous nature, make them a good choice for weight loss as well. You can cook up these interesting chickpea snacks for a healthy treat.

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Here Are 7 Chickpea Snack Recipes:

1) Ganthia (Chickpea snack)

This is a popular snack item from the land of Gujarat. This tea-time snack is prepared with chickpea flour and spices like turmeric and ajwain (carom seeds). Now when you are planning on preparing something for snacking, you can rustle up crispy, salty gathias and enjoy!

2) Chickpea Cutlet

Cutlets are delightful and quite satiating as well for snacking. They, in fact, make a perfect appetiser for a party or any other social gathering. So, if you are planning to throw a party or want to make something delicious for snacks at home, just go ahead with chickpea cutlet.


Chana chaat makes a tasty party snack.

3) Chana Chaat

Sometimes, all you need is something to munch along with your cup of tea in the evening. Isn’t it? This chana chat is a healthy blend of chana, peas, potatoes, pomegranate and some spices. Many health-conscious people tend to skip snacks but you would not want to skip if they are made up of such high-protein chickpeas.

4) Bread Chana Basket

If you are bored having your regular snacks every day, it’ time for a change. You can go really creative with your snacks and prepare this delicious bread chana basket. For this, you need to prepare a bread basket separately for this one followed by finger-licking chana chaat.  


This salad is healthy and delicious.  

5) Chickpea And Pineapple Salad

You can prepare chickpea and pineapple salad within a jiffy. You need some sweet pineapples and boiled white chickpeas to create this one. This recipe is enjoyed by people from different age groups. So, without thinking much, just follow this recipe to tantalise your tastebuds.

6) Chickpea Soup

Many of you like to have vegetables and spices in the form of soup and there’s nothing wrong with it. This flavourful indulgent recipe will have chickpeas along with leeks, celery, zucchini and other fresh vegetables that will make your snack time a memorable one!

7) Chickpea Fritters

If you have chickpeas stored at home, you can try this one out. It is in the form of pancakes made with gram flour layered with a scrumptious chickpea mixture. Break free from your regular style of preparing fritters and make chickpea fritters to treat yourself this time.

Next time, when you think of healthy snacks, do include these recipes in your menu.

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