What To Eat In Delhis Tilak Nagar: 5 Unique Food Options And Where To Find Them


Tilak Nagar, located in West Delhi, has been grabbing the attention of numerous food enthusiasts and bloggers. With a range of food items – from healthy wraps to quirky fried snacks – Tilak Nagar has become the latest hub for unconventional culinary creations. These unique food options have not only become a sensation on the internet but have also left food lovers both in awe and craving for more. Tilak Nagar is currently taking the food scene by storm, offering intriguing yet delectable dishes. Here’s a list of unique food options you can’t afford to miss when visiting Tilak Nagar.

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Here Are 5 Offbeat Food Options You Can Find In Tilak Nagar In Delhi:

One should stay away from street food during the rainy season

There are many interesting dishes to be tried at Tilak Nagar in Delhi. Photo Credit: iStock

1. Wrap Point:

If you’re looking to take a break from fried snacks and want something both delicious and healthy, make your way to Wrap Point in Tilak Nagar Market. Here, you can indulge in veggie wraps filled with freshly chopped and colourful vegetables. Don’t expect Wrap Point to be deserted – it’s an internet sensation. The stall is open from 3:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Their wraps feature freshly warmed tortillas generously filled with sauces, crispy lettuce, and sautéed vegetables. Wrap Point has gained popularity for offering hearty and satisfying food at an affordable price. In addition to wraps, they also serve wholesome burgers, pastas, and a variety of other dishes. Their Peri Peri wraps, Quesadillas, and Gunpowder wraps are hot-selling items.

Where: Next to 7-Story Mandir, Light Market, Tilak Nagar. A 5-minute walk from Tilak Nagar Metro Station.

2. Agnithi Tadka by Madaan:

Imagine paneer served in an even more exciting way! Agnithi Tadka by Madaan on Jail Road serves the sensational Fire Matki Paneer. This dish features a creamy, ghee-filled paneer gravy cooked in clay pots and garnished with an extra dollop of cream. For the ultimate experience, pair it with buttery naans. Agnithi also offers unique dishes like ‘Kuhad Pizza.’ It’s the perfect spot for those seeking eccentric and new culinary experiences, and they take pride in their dal makhani.

Where: D-1, Shop No 3, Fateh Nagar, Vaidic Marg, Jail Road, opposite Sukho Khalsa School, Tilak Nagar.

You should never use oils with a low smoking point for deep frying food.

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3. Manoj Variety Samosa:

Samosa and chai is a classic combination that everyone enjoys. Manoj Variety Samosa Waale offers this timeless duo with an exciting twist. Here, you’ll find a variety of unique flavours and selections like Macaroni, Tandoori Chap, Malai Paneer, Pizza Samosa, and more that will leave you pleasantly surprised. Their Afghani samosa, served with tasty chutney, is a top choice for many. Manoj Variety Samosa will delight and is a must-visit for those looking to try samosas with a unique twist.

Where: D12, Block D, Gopal Nagar, Fateh Nagar.

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4. Sona Chandi Momos:

Sona Chandi opens its doors early in the morning, around 3 AM, to cater to the needs of night shift workers. They offer a unique twist on momos, with options like Sona (Paneer Bhruji) and Chandi (Chicken Momos). These colourful momos are served with classic combinations of their in-house mayonnaise sauce and chutney. In addition to momos, they offer novel food experiences like tawa chaap, burgers, tawa chicken, and more. They have become a highly sought-after spot among food lovers.

Where: Near the exit of Tilak Nagar Metro Station, Gate No. 1.

5. B-Tech Pani Puri Waali:

B-Tech Pani Puri Waali is an entrepreneur and internet sensation known for her unique take on the beloved street food, Pani Puri. She offers an air-fried version, a departure from the traditional fried ones. Her welcoming hospitality and offerings have earned her popularity.

Where: Jail Road, Prem Nagar, Janakpuri, Delhi, 110058.

Tilak Nagar is now home to distinct and special food options, making it the new epicentre for all your quirky cravings. When you’re tired of the ordinary and yearn for something exciting, these destinations are a must-visit.

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