Home HEALTH & FITNESS “Whats The Point?” Internet Asks After Man Relishes Deep-Fried Watermelon

“Whats The Point?” Internet Asks After Man Relishes Deep-Fried Watermelon

“Whats The Point?” Internet Asks After Man Relishes Deep-Fried Watermelon


Summer is still in full swing and one of the fruits many of us are relishing is watermelon. This juicy and fleshy fruit is often enjoyed plain or in the form of juice. Some people may also experiment by making different kinds of watermelon-based dishes and desserts. But it seems that food experiments can go a bit too far. A recent video shared on Twitter is proof. It shows a man systematically deep-frying a whole watermelon and then going on to actually eat it! Don’t believe us? Find out more below.
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The TikTok video was shared by Twitter user @ericriveracooks. In it, we see a person holding a watermelon with the help of multiple skewers that have been pierced into it. The person dips the fruit into some sort of batter and covers most of its surface with the whitish liquid. He then places the coated watermelon in hot oil and allows it to fry for some time. In the meantime, he explains aspects like the temperature of the oil as well as the supposed ‘safety’ measures he is taking. He claims to want to make the watermelon crunchy. While the fruit cooks, he also removes pieces of what he calls “watermelon popcorn” from the oil. Later, he takes the fruit out of the oil and cuts it into smaller pieces. He goes on to take a bite of the fried watermelon, including the “tender” rind! Watch the complete video here.

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Twitter users were left questioning the purpose of cooking watermelon in this way. Many were concerned about the possible hazards of attempting such a thing. Some simply resorted to sarcasm in response to the video. Check out the reactions below.

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We advise viewers to exercise their discretion and avoid taking any dangerous risks while cooking at home. Always follow safe kitchen practices, especially while working with hot oil.

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