When In Denmark, Taapsee Pannu Enjoys Fennel Tea With Almonds


Taapsee Pannu is an ardent foodie and there’s no doubt about that. Despite her busy schedule, the actress finds time to travel and relish food items that make her heart sing. In fact, her social media feed is replete with scenic locations, fashion photoshoots and glimpses of her gastronomic adventures. The star is currently in Denmark and has been treating us to lovely snippets and videos from her vacation. On Sunday, Taapsee gave us a view of her morning ritual on Instagram Stories. The actress shared a picture of a cup of fennel tea and alongside it, there’s a bowl full of almonds as well. Complementing the food is a beautiful view of the city. For the caption, Taapsee added, “My fennel tea, almonds, beautiful morning view and silence.” 

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Take a look:


Taapsee Pannu also happened to share another picture of herself smiling for the camera on a bright sunny day. What caught our attention was the stalk of rhubarb she was holding in her hand. For the caption, she wrote, “Fresh rhubarbs from the garden with a pinch of sugar.” For the unversed, rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that grows well in cool climates, used in a range of dishes.


Taapsee Pannu is leaving no stone unturned to enjoy her food in Denmark. A couple of days ago, her Instagram Stories featured a lip-smacking open sandwich. It looked heavenly by all means. For the caption, she wrote, “Smorbrod”, which refers to a delectable open sandwich. The drool-worthy treat was seen bursting with boiled eggs and prawns. Also, the cheesy spread seen oozing out of the open sandwich mad made it appear all the more enticing. The sandwich was topped with herbs and micro greens. She also dropped an image of herself sitting at a cafeteria, waiting for her food.    

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On another occasion, Taapsee Pannu enjoyed a mug of frothy coffee and a scrumptious pastry alongside it. Her caption read, “In Denmark, they take their coffee and pastries seriously.”

Taapsee Pannu often also tries to have yummy food with healthy twists. She was once seen enjoying a slice of carrot cake prepared by her makeup artist, Guia. Taapsee also added a caption, “Always make sure your people at work are good cooks, too. Healthy cooking is bonus.”

Taapsee Pannu, do keep your food stories coming because we are taking notes.

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