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When Is Ganesh Chaturthi 2023? Ganeshotsav Date, Tithi And 5 Classic Recipes For Bhog

When Is Ganesh Chaturthi 2023? Ganeshotsav Date, Tithi And 5 Classic Recipes For Bhog


The festive season in India has already begun and we are all set to celebrate one of the most important festivals of the year – Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh idols are prepared, pandals and lights are set and preparations are in full swing to mark the grand event with much fervour. Ganesh Chaturthi signifies the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, and devotees welcome him at their homes during this time, wishing wealth, prosperity, and success. As per the Hindu calendar, Ganesh Chaturthi falls on Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month, which is sometime around August or September every year. Also called Ganeshotsav, it is a 10-day festival that culminated with Ganesh Visarjan on the last day (Anant Chaturdashi).

When Is Ganesh Chaturthi 2023? Date, Time And Puja Tithi:

This year, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration begins on September 19, 2023, and will end with Visarjan on September 28, 2023.
Chaturthi Tithi begins – 12:39 pm on September 18, 2023
Chaturthi Tithi ends – 01:43 pm on September 19, 2023
However, the Ganesh Chaturthi Muhurat differs in different cities, as per www.drikpanchang.com. Let’s look into the Puja Muhurat, city-wise.

  • 11:15 am to 01:41 pm – Pune
  • 11:01 am to 01:28 pm – New Delhi
  • 10:50 am to 01:16 pm – Chennai
  • 11:07 am to 01:34 pm – Jaipur
  • 10:57 am to 01:23 pm – Hyderabad
  • 11:02 am to 01:29 pm – Gurgaon
  • 11:03 am to 01:30 pm – Chandigarh
  • 10:17 am to 12:44 pm – Kolkata
  • 11:19 am to 01:43 pm – Mumbai
  • 11:01 am to 01:26 pm – Bengaluru
  • 11:20 am to 01:43 pm – Ahmedabad
  • 11:01 am to 01:28 pm – Noida

(Source: www.drikpanchang.com)

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: How Is The Festival Celebrated In India:

Ganeshotsav is celebrated with utmost grandeur in several states including Maharashtra, Pune, Gujarat, and Karnataka. Besides the popular community pujas in every area of these states, people also bring Ganesh idols at home and perform puja for 10 long days. They decorate the space with lights and flowers and dress up their beloved deity with good clothes, flower jewellery, and more. Devotees also wear new clothes, clean the house, and offer Lord Ganesha puja and sweet and savoury bhog.
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Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: 5 Classic Sweet And Savoury Dishes To Prepare For The Festival:

In India, food plays a major role in every kind of celebration and it stands true for Ganesh Chaturthi as well. During these 10 days, devotees prepare various sweet and savoury food items to offer to Lord Ganesha. While the food items on bhog thali differ from place to place, there are a few common dishes that remain constant on every bhog thali. We know, you are thinking about modak.
Yes, modak is the most popular sweet prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi, but trust us, there’s more to it. We got you a few such recipes to prepare and offer to Lord Ganesha, this year. Take a look.

1. Puran Poli:

A classic Maharashtrian dish, puran poli is paratha, stuffed with a sweet dal filling. It is soft, includes a pool of ghee, and melts in your mouth in no time. Click here for the recipe.

2. Nivagrya:

Nivagrya is an idli-like dish, usually prepared with the leftover rice flour used in modak. It is a popular Konkani dish that is eaten with modak to balance the flavours. To make the dish, you need to prepare a batter with leftover rice flour, cumin seeds, green chilli, oil, coriander leaves, and jeera and steam in idli plates. Click here for the recipe.

3. Churma Ladoo:

Churma ladoo looks much like modak. But it is made with a mix of atta, sugar, ghee, and nuts, powdered and then moulded in the shape of ladoo and modak. Churma laddoo is light, airy, and melts in your mouth in no time. Click here for the recipe.

4. Kozhukattai:

To put it simply, kozhukattai is somewhat like modak, widely prepared in Tamil Nadu and Kerala for prasad. It is a rice dumpling, with jaggery and coconut filling, and steamed to perfection. Unlike the usual modak shape, this sweet dish is round and bite-sized. Click here for the detailed recipe. https://food.ndtv.com/recipe-kozhukattais-955593

5. Sheera:

Much like sooji ka halwa, sheera is a sweet pudding made with rava, sugar, dry fruits, and oodles of ghee. Some people also add pineapple and banana to the Sheera for added flavours. Click here for the recipe.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2023, everyone!


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