Why Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Swears By Moong, Matki And Chawli Dal


In India, dal is part of our staple diet, which is why celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar advises all to load up on pulses. Especially, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the surge in caseload, she advises people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and include pulses in everyday meal for overall nourishment. Rujuta calls pulses a “super food” and says these pellets of goodness provide all the nutrients the body needs. “They (pulses) help with building immunity and also with recovery (including recovery post COVID). They can be used in multiple ways from dals to dosa to chaat,” stated the nutritionist in one of her recent posts on Instagram.

She further added that people with no access to fresh fruits and vegetables can still include nutrients in their daily diet using pulses. “Pulses help with – immunity, stress, recovery, insulin resistance, PCOD, thyroid issues, hairfall, bloating, lack of sleep and much more,” read her post.

Rujuta also suggested three pulses one can have as a part of the summer meal – moong, matki and red chawli. Reiterating their benefits, Rujuta wrote, “Pulses are rich source of vitamins, minerals like iron, zinc, selenium and essential amino acids like lysine (helps with calcium absorption, regulates appetite).”

In the post she also gave us some quick tips that can help us make the most of dal. She suggest, one can sprout the dal and make “dosa, adai, ghavan for breakfast”, or “saute them and have with dahi-rice for lunch, or relish as snack/ chaat item like missal”. You may also have these sprouted pulses as “usal/dal with meals.”

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