Woman Gets Her Iced Coffee From Ben Affleck At Dunkin Donuts, Shares Pic


We all have one particular food or drink that we are hooked on. It can be a chilled glass of Coca-Cola, a cheeseburger and fries or anything that we routinely eat to satiate our cravings. Grabbing these food items from the store or restaurant has its own joy where we often queue up and wait patiently for the food. And, once we get our order, all we have to do is just enjoy it in peace, which keeps us satisfied for the rest of the day. But sometimes a simple task like running an errand can turn into an amazing experience. A woman in Boston, US, went to grab her usual coffee one day but was left surprised when Hollywood actor Ben Affleck handed her the iced beverage at Dunkin’ Donuts!

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The woman, Lisa Mackay, shared a picture from the drive-through of the fast-food chain on Instagram. It shows Ben Affleck wearing a Dunkin’ Donuts t-shirt along with a black cap and bringing an iced black coffee for the woman. “Thanks Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez for my coffee this morning!” the caption read. Take a look:

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The post soon drew several reactions on the platform. One user asked, “And they paid for it too? What a morning you had.” Another said, “Why didn’t they announce they would be there Omg! I love this so much! Lucky you!”

One user called the woman “one lucky lady” while others wished they could reach the spot and catch a glimpse of Ben Affleck. “I wish I knew the location. I’m not that far from Medford,” a comment read. A person wrote, “Looks like he was properly trained with the cup, napkin, and straw nicely grouped to hand over”.

After meeting the Hollywood star, Lisa Mackay told The Washington Post, “He was very, very funny, super, super friendly and just super nice. And of course still has a Boston accent.”

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