World Gin Day 2022: 9 Refreshing Gin-Based Cocktails To Try At Home


Think of having a party at home and one of the first things that come to mind is what cocktails to make. Indeed, no party is complete without some rejuvenating cocktails. If your love affair with cocktails is the same as ours, it’s the time for you to bounce off the walls. World Gin Day is here in full force. This year, World Gin Day is being celebrated on June 11, 2022. The day is a global celebration of all things gin-based. So, it’s time to unwind, call your friends, grab a bottle of soda or tonic and your favourite brand of Gin because you don’t need the day to hit 5 pm to start celebrating.

As the day is celebrated in high spirits with refreshing cocktails, we have rounded up something special for you. Here we bring you a list of seven gin-based cocktail recipes you can make at home with some of the easiest and quickest concoctions. With the day falling on Saturday this time around, we don’t think you need any more reasons to celebrate. So, let’s get started.

Here’s A List Of 9 Refreshing Gin-Based Cocktails You Must Try:

Peppermint Gin And Tonic: Our Recommendation

Let’s start the list with this one. This classic gin-based drink is an extremely popular cocktail all around the world. Prepared in a balloon glass, the cocktail has a tangy and refreshing taste of peppermint. To prepare this at home, all you need to do is fill the glass with ice, gin, peppermint tea, tonic water, and mix it! Find the complete recipe here.


Cranberry Gin And Tonic

Here we bring you another popular drink across the world. This gorgeous-looking ruby drink is based on gin and cranberry juice, with tonic water and lemon wedge in there, just for a little hint of something zingy and reviving. Find the recipe here.


Spiced Mule

This spiced Mule cocktail is full of flavours and is apt to pair with your favourite snacks. Top with a splash of ginger beer to give this spiced mule that little extra spark! Garnish it with a lemon wedge and cinnamon stick to serve the aesthetics. Find the recipe here.


Orange And Pepper Twist

Love citrus drinks? This is a must-try! A super refreshing cocktail for special occasions, made with gin, orange and black pepper. Find the recipe here.


Purple Rain Gin And Tonic

Another refreshing cocktail, made with a perfect blend of gin, elderflower and lime juice. Purple Rain is just the right one to make special occasions even more special. Find the recipe here.


Simrana Gin And Tonic

If you are someone who prefers a little sweet and tangy cocktail, this will perfectly fit the bill for you. In this cocktail recipe, blue pea flower is infused in gin, topped with fresh lime juice and lavender. A great spin to the classic gin and tonic drink. Find the recipe here.


Little Red Riding Hood Gin And Tonic

What an interesting name! Isn’t it? Freshly cut watermelon chunks are infused with fennel syrup and topped with lime juice. Little Red Riding Hood is a perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day. Find the complete recipe here.


House Martini

A miner walks into a bar in the town of Martinez. He orders a celebratory champagne, but is instead served a rather eclectic mix of gin and wine that gives him a rush unlike any gold did. Click here for the recipe.

martini 625

Kerala Lady

Descend into a paradise of zesty notes and allow this enticing potion to consume your heart like the subtle ripples from the backwaters. Find the recipe here. 


So, it’s time to raise a toast and sip away your worries and enjoy these cocktails. We wish you a very Happy World Gin Day 2022!

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