“Wouldnt Do It Again”: 21-Year-Old Influencer Tries Dog Food To Up Protein Intake


Bizarre food combinations have always left the internet shocked and for the most part, disgusted. But, a fitness influencer recently surpassed all heights after he tried dog food. Yes, 21-year-old Henry Clarisey decided to try Kibbles ‘n Bits’ oven-roasted beef with spring vegetable and apple flavours “for the gains.”  In his first TikTok video, which reportedly went viral amassing over 19 million views, he cited a popular fitness app and told viewers that Pedigree’s dog food has 666 grams of protein, which according to him is 600 grams more than the amount of protein people are recommended to consume each day.

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“I tasted the dry dog food kibble, and [it] tasted like little pieces of rocks. [It was] not comfortable at all to eat, and it was super hard to bite down on,” he told The Post. 

“I said if I get 15k likes I’d try it, but it ended up getting 2.5 million, and I felt like I had to try it for the video,” he said, admitting that he “definitely wouldn’t do it again.” Clarisey stated that “even if dog food has high protein content, it’s definitely not worth it.”

The fitness enthusiast shared that he thought the colossal protein concentration of 666 grams in 200 grams of Pedigree was a “glitch” on the popular dieting and fitness app, but he decided to humour his followers and try it out. 

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Dietitians usually recommend 56 grams of protein in a day. And, overconsumption of protein can be harmful to human health as well and might even result in complications. 

However, Clarisey is not the first one to pull off a stunt like this. Previously, ahead of the 2016 Italian Open, Tennis star Serena Williams tasted a spoonful of her pet dog, Chip’s dinner: salmon and rice dish. Giving her review about the meal, she said that it tasted “a little bit like a house-cleaner thing.” Although the Tennis star fell sick, she managed to play her match and even registered a thumping win. 

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