“Youre Order Is On Us:” McDonalds UAE Sends Free Food To A Customer In Hospital


The internet is filled with stories. You can find all things entertaining to informative and even stories that tug at your heart strings. And this last genre is sure a favourite of many people. Such heartwarming stories often make us happy and motivate us to be kind to others. Recently, one such tale of kindness has been doing rounds on the internet. This time around, when someone ordered McDonald’s from the hospital, the corporation was kind enough not to charge them for a meal! Isn’t that amazing!?

In a post that was made on LinkedIn by Dom Mernock, we can see an image of a McDonald’s card where it says, “Hello! We’ve seen that you have placed your order from the hospital. Hope you are keeping well! Your order is on us. The McDonald’s UAE Team.” Even in the post, the person who posted it wrote, “This is the kind of stuff you should be doing with all that customer data you just collected. Hats off, McDonald’s.” Take a look at the post here:

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Since this post was made, it has been liked by more than one lakh people, has been shared 1636 times, and has more than a thousand comments. Many people have reacted to this post differently. You can check out some of the reactions below:

“Wow. This is great.”

“Talk about empathy! Well done.”

“Incredible and laudable. So kind of McDonald’s.”

In contrast to these comments, many people were concerned about why the person is having McDonald’s if they are in the hospital. They wrote:

“Think it’s cool, but why would you be eating McD’s in the hospital? Genuinely curious.”

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“If you are in the hospital and your go-to meal when you are sick to McDonald’s, you are going to be there for a while.”

“If they genuinely cared for a customer in the hospital, maybe they should have denied the order.”

“They are certainly not feeling well if they are waiting for McD. I wonder how well their body felt afterwards. Oh, the irony! And if the hospital allows McD to deliver to patients, it surely knows how to keep them longer and make more money.”

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