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New Delhi: The Grand Theft Auto is a popular title among the gaming community across the world. It has introduced a number of interesting characters but never a female lead character. In recent rumours, it is speculated that GTA 6 will sport a female lead character.

The GTA has always been creative when it comes to their characters in its franchise record. The fifth franchise, GTA 5 for the first time in gaming history had not one or two but Three main protagonists namely, Franklin, Trevor and Michael.

According to a reputed leaker, Tom Henderson who is involved in sharing important leaks about Call of Duty, Rockstar is mixing things up when it comes to main characters. Henderson in a tweet said that “For the first time ever in GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist” on Sunday (January 10).

 The source of the leak has not yet been revealed but the rumour goes along with the previous reports of Rockstar’s character record.

Female characters have been a part of GTA franchise but we never got a  female lead. Fans across the world have been demanding the company to introduce a playable female lead character for a while now, and GTA’s sixth franchise GTA-6 is a seem to be the right opportunity for the company to listen to them. 

GTA has always been known for its interesting and unique characters. GTA in its fifth franchise GTA 5 introduced three main characters Franklin, Trevor and Michael for the first time in gaming history.

Grand theft Auto was launched in the year 1997. GTA 5 was launched in the year 2013, nearly a decade ago.

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