Home GLOBAL NEWS 'Misidentification': Pentagon rules out UFO sighting as 'ordinary objects' – Times of India

'Misidentification': Pentagon rules out UFO sighting as 'ordinary objects' – Times of India

'Misidentification': Pentagon rules out UFO sighting as 'ordinary objects' – Times of India


NEW DELHI: The United States has said that it found no evidence of UFOs or aliens and that most sitings were ‘ordinary objects’ that were the results of “misidentification“.
In the 63-page report titled “Historical Record of US Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP),” the Pentagon said, “the Department of Defense’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) found no evidence of any US government investigation, research, or review panel verifying a “UAP represented extraterrestrial technology“.
The report is a part of the US government’s broad public examination of UFOs, or “unidentified anomalous phenomena.” Congress hearings and open discussions with US space agency Nasa officials have also been part of the study.
However, the US officials acknowledged that the public’s perception of alien visits will not be dispelled by their findings.
“The proliferation of television programmes, books, movies, and the vast amount of internet and social media content centred on UAP-related topics most likely has influenced the public conversation on this topic, and reinforced these beliefs within some sections of the population,” the report said.
According to researchers, there is a persistent belief that the government has conducted secret alien research and withheld information about reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology. The source article identified a group of individuals who perpetuate this narrative without evidence. The researchers highlight the incorrect allegation of circular reporting and government concealment from Congress.
The report has also stated that mistaken identification of new space, rocket, and air systems, including stealth technologies and drones, has contributed to UFO sightings since the 1940s. The investigation by AARO included interviews with thirty people, an examination of both classified and unclassified records, and a review of all government UAP investigations dating back to 1945.
“AARO assesses that all of the named and described alleged hidden UAP reverse-engineering programs provided by interviewees either do not exist; are misidentified authentic national security programs that are not related to extraterrestrial technology exploitation; or resolve to a disestablished program,” said Major General Pat Ryder, Pentagon Press Secretary.


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