Mother’s Day 2021 Gifts: 5 Gadgets for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


Mother’s Day 2021 is here, and people who’ve left it off the list till now should probably focus on getting something great that comes a little late instead by skipping the flowers, chocolates and other cliches — get some great gadgets instead because any mother would appreciate something practical that can be used for the whole year. On this Mother’s Day, we’ve listed a few gifts that would be a great pick for your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, or just to say thank you to the women in your life. These picks will be useful on all days, and not just Mother’s Day. Here are our top Mother’s Day 2021 gadget gift ideas. 

1. Samsung Galaxy M31

According to Amazon’s page, the most gifted smartphone right now is the Samsung Galaxy M20 (review). That sounds like a good place to start, but the Galaxy M20 launched in 2019, and we can find some more contemporary options as well. We have a bunch of different guides that can help you find the perfect phone for your Mother’s Day gift depending on your budget. Check out our guides for the best phones under Rs. 10,000, the best under Rs. 15,000, and the best under Rs. 20,000.

If you need a single recommendation to get the ball rolling, then check out the Samsung Galaxy M31 (review), which is an affordable phone with a great and big display, and a huge battery, that makes it a very good option at its price.

If you’re looking for more mobile phone ideas, then we have a few more smartphone guides at different price points you can check out, as well as other categories that you can check out.

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2. Fitbit Inspire HR

Our next suggestion is one where you definitely want to exercise discretion — giving a Fitbit or other health tracking wearable can say, “I care”, and can be a way of supporting people’s fitness goals. But it can also be read as a comment on someone’s weight or general health, and even with family, you want to think twice about how your gift is going to be received. fitbit alta

That said, if your mother (or whomever you’re buying this for) is interested in fitness, or wants to be nudged in that direction, then the Fitbit Inspire is a good way to step into this ecosystem, tracking  sleep and activity, with a gamified system to nudge people into putting in that extra effort, and a beautiful and easy to understand interface.

If you’d like a different option, you may want to read our guide on what to look for in a fitness wearable, as well as our list of the best pocket-friendly fitness wearables.

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3. Oppo Enco W51

TWS earphones like these are comfortable, and easy to use around the house without tangling up, whether you’re reading a book or browsing the web, or getting a workout. The huge number of TWS products in the market starting from just a few hundred rupees all the way up to premium high end devices shows just how much demand there is for products like these.

rubl5lt8 oppo enco w51 640x480 12 September

Our pick, the Oppo Enco W51 is a good value-for-money TWS set with good noise cancellation which is a bit plus when you’re on calls with these earphones. Other options in this price range lack such features, and although the battery life could be better, this is the set we recommend.

At the higher end, you could consider the Apple AirPods Pro, which is expensive, but really packs in the most features and the best audio quality in the segment. If you’re not convinced, check out our guide to TWS earphones in order to pick out the ones that suit you the best.

Buy Oppo Enco W51 now, for Rs. 4,990

4. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is really a perfect gift. If your mother loves to read, she’ll get hooked on it in no time and if she doesn’t, she’ll fall in love with reading all over again. Kindle Paperwhite comes with a 6-inch backlit display that’s really easy on the eyes. It’s easy to carry around for distraction free reading, and the battery basically lasts forever. Add to that the ease with which you can buy books on a Kindle and even non-techies love it.

kindle paperwhite 2021 kindle paper whiteThe Kindle can also be jazzed up with book-style covers and leather bound covers, and the Rs. 199 per month Kindle Unlimited subscription is a great way to make this gift even more valuable.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite now, for Rs. 12,999

5. iPad

If the Kindle is a great option for book lovers, then the iPad is the perfect tablet for everyone else. It’s great for watching movies, streaming videos and listening to music, reading books and magazines, browsing the Web, and playing a wide variety of games. And although Apple is known for its premium-priced products, the basic iPad delivers amazing value for money, making it a very budget-friendly buy.

4f0m1f68 ipad 640x480 15 November

Although higher end options like the iPad Pro are also around, the 9.7-inch iPad is a great pick also because it’s highly portable and light, with great battery life. So if you’re looking for the best tablet to buy for your mother or other family members, this is the top pick from our side.

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