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Now, Make Halwa In Just 10 Minutes! 5 Genius Tips To Follow

Now, Make Halwa In Just 10 Minutes! 5 Genius Tips To Follow


Name one Indian dessert that never fails to win hearts. We are sure, most of you will vote for halwa. A melt-in-mouth delicacy, halwa is possibly the safest food to resort to, especially during those untimely sweet cravings. What fascinates us the most is the fact that you can make halwa with various ingredients including nuts, seeds, flour, vegetables, fruits, and more. In fact, if you notice, you will find every season comes with its unique halwa recipes – for instance, you have gajar and badam ka halwa for winter and lauki ka halwa for the summer season. Now that halwa is established as one of the most popular desserts of all time, let’s take you through some quick tips to make it in no time. You heard us. We have found some genius hacks that can help you prepare halwa in not more than 10 minutes.

What Is The History Of Halwa: What Is The Origin Of Halwa:

According to food historians, halwa finds its origin in Aran and Turkish lands, which is believed to have travelled towards the eastern countries in medieval times and became our very own Halwa as we see it today. Food expert Anoothi Vishal states, “A confection made of flour (of various kinds), sugar, water, nuts and with or without oil/fat, the halwa has decidedly Arab origins, from where it seems to have travelled both East and West, through trade and conquest”.
She further explains that the kind of Arab-influenced halwa is quite distinct in texture. However, later the innovations in the recipe happened using a wider variety of ingredients, influenced by the sophistication of the Persians/Mughals.
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Tips And Tricks To Make Quick Halwa: 5 Hacks To Follow To Make 10-Minute Halwa:

1. Play with the hero ingredient:

Always pick the right kind of ingredient to save the halwa-making time. For instance, you can always go for atta, fine rava, dalia, or ragi (coarsely powdered) to save time while making halwa.

2. Keep the ingredients handy:

Make sure you have all the ingredients needed for your recipe kept organized in front. Hunting for the right ingredients in between the cooking process extends the time you spend in the kitchen.

3. Use powdered sweetener:

Sugar, jaggery, or whatever sweetening agent you use in a halwa recipe takes time to dissolve. Hence, we prefer using the powdered version to save time. So next time, pick sugar dust and jaggery powder to make halwa at home in no time.

4. Use hot water or hot milk:

Boiling water or milk before adding to your halwa speeds up the cooking process. Alongside, it also helps you get the perfect texture of the food.

5. Make in small batches:

This is possibly the best idea to save time while cooking. To curb your instant sweet cravings, we suggest making the halwa you choose in a small amount. This will help you cook better, enjoy it fresh, and save time in the kitchen.
Now that you have the tips handy, follow them well and make yourself a quick bowl of halwa to curb the sweet cravings this weekend. Do let us know if the tricks worked for you.


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