Samsung Odyssey G9, G7 240Hz curved gaming monitors hits Indian markets –Price, specs and more | Technology News


New Delhi: South Korean Electronics manufacturer Samsung has launched its new line-up of curved Odyssey G9 and G7 gaming monitors in India. 

Samsung’s Odyssey G9 49-inch and G7 32-inch and 27-inch models will be available for pre-booking in India from November 25 till December 31 with special gift offers. These monitors will be priced in the range of Rs 49,000 to Rs 1,99,000. 

Unveiled at CES 2020, these monitors will reinvent the gaming experience by bringing together comfortable curvature, immersive interaction and perfect picture quality, Samsung said in a statement.

The new range of gaming monitors comprises of two models; the G9 – with an 49-inch display – and the G7, available in 32-inch and 27-inch size variants. Both Odyssey gaming monitors are available for pre-booking from today.

Samsung claims that Odyssey monitors are the world’s first 1000R gaming monitors, meaning it boasts a curvature radius of 1,000 millimeters which matches the curve of the human eye for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain.

Odyssey monitors come with 1ms response time and a refresh rate of 240Hz that delivers up to four times as many frames displayed on screen every second compared to a traditional screen. Odyssey monitors are the world’s first Dual Quad High-Definition (DQHD) monitors with crystal clear QLED picture quality for incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images for immersive gaming experience.

Samsung’s newest gaming monitors will support NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility and Adaptive Sync on DP1.4 to ensure that the Odyssey monitor matches every frame from the graphics card, so the gamers never drop any frame. On the design front, both monitors have been redesigned with a completely new take on what gaming monitors can look like.

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