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10 Chennai Sweet Shops That Will Make Your Diwali Extra Sweet

10 Chennai Sweet Shops That Will Make Your Diwali Extra Sweet


There’s no better time to pander to your sugar cravings than Diwali. Chennai’s sweet shops come alive during Diwali. While at least a few sweets are still made at home in most Chennai homes, the sheer variety of sweets on offer makes it a convenient option to outsource your sweet fix. There are few cities in India that can match Chennai’s diverse sweet offerings, from time-tested South Indian sweets to traditional sweets from Rajasthan to Bengali favourites. You will be spoilt for choice:
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10 Sweet Shops In Chennai You Must Try:

1. Grand Sweets:

This shop started a few decades ago in the Adyar area of South Chennai before growing into a city-wide sweet shop chain. They offer one of the largest sweet menus with sweets from across India. We’re partial to their Mysore Pak (the cashew Mysore Pak is a house speciality) that gets its textures right and their traditional South Indian style laddoo with a hint of camphor.
Where: Gandhi Nagar, Adyar

2. Sri Krishna Sweets:

The Krishna Sweets journey started a few decades ago in Coimbatore but it has now become synonymous with Chennai. It’s their signature Mysurpa (a melt-in-your-mouth version of the Mysore Pak) that has earned it a loyal legion of fans across India. But do check out other favourites like the coconut laddoo.
Where: Venkatanarayana Road, T Nagar

3. Kakada Ramprasad

If you ask us to pick our favourite Badam milk in Chennai, it would be the sinful Kakda version. Kakada’s jalebi became an instant favourite when the sweet shop debuted in the 1950s in the city’s bustling Mint Street. We’d recommend visiting their more accessible Kilpauk outlet where you can try their signature Kesar Baati with its spongy textures and enticing saffron notes.
Where: Ormes Road, Kilpauk

4. Shree Mithai:

If you’re like me and you can just polish off a few Kaju Katlis in quick time, then Shree Mithai should be on your list. Their Kesar kaju Katli with its rich saffron flavours is one of the best in town. Shree also scores with its Badam milk and milk sweets like their delicious rasamalai.
Where: Dr TV Road, Chetpet
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It is better to have homemade sweets rather than chocolates or fancy desserts

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5. Gangotree Sweets:

One of Chennai’s best-known chaat and sweet shops since it was established in the 1990s, Gangotree is well known for its range of milk sweets. We’re partial to their pedas, their Kalakand, and a delicious version of the chanar payesh.
Where: Cathedral Road

6. Basha Halwawala:

This nondescript sweet stall with an eighty-year legacy in the busy Jam Bazaar area in Triplicane sells one of the most delicious halwas in Chennai. The Dum Ka Roat is a favourite in this area and combines semolina with sugar, ghee and khoya with a unique crust that is formed by the charcoal on the lid during the cooking process. Regulars also swear by their gulab jamun and carrot halwa.
Where: Fakir Sahib Street, Jambazaar, Triplicane

7. KC Das:

Looking for authentic Bengali mishti? KC Das is almost a no-brainer. It remains one of India’s most popular destinations for Bengali sweets with its fail-proof rosogollas. There’s more on offer here than their legendary rosogolla. Their chanar payesh and Kala Jamun are a must-try.
Where: Moores Road, College Road

8. Suswaad:

This low-profile sweet shop has retained its traditional taste and flavours for decades. One of their specialities is the paal khova – a delight if you love milk sweets that are also cloyingly sweet. Other popular sweets here are the adhirasam and vella cheedai (crunchy sweet balls that are made with jaggery and rice flour).
Where: Venkatraman Street, T Nagar

9. Adyar Ananda Bhavan:

Popularly known as A2B, this is one of Chennai’s oldest sweet shop brands that started in Adyar (hence the name). It’s grown into a large chain with outlets across South India. Some of their favourites are the Paneer jamoon, mothi ladoo and the Bombay Halwa.
Where: Lattice Bridge Road, Adyar

10. Perambur Sreenivasa Sweets:

A chain with multiple outlets including Perambur. They offer a wide assortment of sweets that include favourites like the soan papdi and badam halwa. Their combo packs and baskets are ideal for gifting or sharing with your loved ones.
Where: Perambur High Road


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