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5 Best Spice Markets In Delhi That Offer Quality And Variety

5 Best Spice Markets In Delhi That Offer Quality And Variety


Delhi, a city known for its rich culture and diverse cuisine, is also a paradise for spice enthusiasts. The culinary offerings in the city are high on flavours and heat that come from a variety of spices that are used generously. Every household maintains a large pantry of all kinds of spices to be put into different homemade meals. Delhi boasts bustling markets that are veritable treasure troves for spice lovers. If you’re on the hunt for quality spices, these markets in Delhi promise to be a flavorful adventure. Here, we’ll traverse the bustling streets to uncover the best markets where you can procure high-quality spices in large quantities. From the pungent allure of cardamom to the earthy richness of cumin, Delhi’s spice markets are a sensory delight for every cooking aficionado.
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Here Are 5 Best Markets In Delhi Famous For Quality Spices 

1. Khari Baoli 

Begin your spice odyssey at Khari Baoli, the heart of Delhi’s spice trade. Nestled in Old Delhi, this bustling market is actually Asia’s largest wholesale spice market, offering a vast array of spices, nuts, seeds, herbs and other food products in bulk. Whatever your spice need is, it is sure to get fulfilled here because you get everything in this massive market. 

2. Naya Bazaar, Near Old Delhi Railway Station 

Adjacent to Khari Baoli, Naya Bazaar is a vibrant spice market that sells spices in large quantities in bulk. Unlike Khari Baoli, the quality of the spices is always looked at with suspicion because you get everything here at dirt-cheap prices. So if budget is your constraint, you might want to look at the offerings here.  

3. Dilli Haat  

For a curated spice shopping experience, head to Dilli Haat, a cultural marketplace that showcases India’s diverse regions. Here, spice stalls offer a curated selection of high-quality spices, sourced directly from different states. From Kashmiri saffron to Malabar black pepper, Dilli Haat ensures authenticity and a delightful regional shopping experience in a vibrant, cultural setting.
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4. INA Market 

If your culinary adventures extend beyond Indian cuisine, INA Market is a global spice haven. Known for its diverse range of international ingredients, this market boasts spice shops offering exotic flavours from around the world. Explore the aisles to find Persian saffron, Spanish paprika, or Middle Eastern sumac, adding an international flair to your spice collection. But you’ll also find your regular masalas and other food products like meats here in abundance. So it’s a one-stop shop for all home chefs.  

5. C.R. Park Market  

Dive into the charm of Delhi’s Little Kolkata at the C.R. Park Market. Known for its authentic Bengali spices, this market is a hidden gem for spice enthusiasts. From fragrant mustard seeds to the distinctive five-spice blend – paanch phoron, C.R. Park Market offers a unique spice experience with a touch of Bengal’s culinary heritage. 

Delhi’s spice markets let you in a diverse world of spices to cater to all your kitchen pantry needs. Happy spice hunting! 


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