5 Food Combinations That Help Lose Weight And Belly Fat Faster


Losing weight is itself a difficult process, and when there’s an additional task of getting rid of tummy tires, we find ourselves in a real predicament. We all know belly fat is the last to go. However, you can achieve it sooner by eating the right kinds of foods along with a regular exercise routine. And to make the most out of your diet, you should learn the art of pairing foods. Yes, certain food combinations can work wonders to target weight loss, including belly fat. 

How Foods Combinations Work For Weight Loss: 

How you pair foods affect the absorption of nutrients from the foods and the way they are digested by the body. Not only this, different foods work in tandem to control hormones that regulate weight gain or weight loss. There are various food combinations that lead to excessive weight gain, and there are some that propel weight loss. We are obviously going to focus on the latter category.

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What Are The Best Food Combinations For Weight Loss? 

1. Potatoes With Pepper 

Potatoes are usually looked down upon for increasing fat accumulation. But some studies claim that potatoes can actually help with weight loss. Potatoes are rich in fibre, which helps better digestion of foods. When combined with foods like pepper, potatoes can be a great addition to your weight loss diet. Piperine in black pepper inhibits the formation of new fat cells. So, sprinkle some pepper on your potatoes and enjoy! 


Potatoes with pepper seasoning makes for a healthy meal.
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2. Chana With Sauce 

For us, an ideal snack is some chips or crackers with sauce. A great way to enjoy sauces like salsa is by lobbing out fried chips and throwing some boiled chickpeas into your salsa sauce. Chana gives more body to salsa to make it satiating enough. Plus, the high protein content of chana will aid weight loss. 

3. Coffee With Cinnamon 

Cinnamon coffee is not just a fad trend, it has become popular for a reason – quick weight loss it is. Caffeine in coffee is known to suppress hunger, and cinnamon provides some powerful antioxidants that prevent fat deposits in the body. A combination of the two foods works like magic to lose those extra kilos. 

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4. Rice With Peas 

Did you know that your favourite matar pulao can actually help you lose weight? Rice is low in lysine amino acid and that’s why it is considered an incomplete protein. Adding lysine-rich foods like peas levels up its protein quotient. To get a better meal for a weight loss diet, try using brown rice instead of white rice. 

5. Fruits And Vegetables With Healthy Fats 

Vitamins are important for good bodily health. And it comes as a relief that essential vitamins work best when eaten with fats! Of course, the healthy ones. So, adding healthy fats like olive oil, ghee, nuts and seeds, and full-fat dairy to salads, pasta, smoothies and other dishes is a great idea for weight loss.  


Salad with oil dressing lifts up its nutritional quotient.
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Plan your diet with these food combinations and reach your weight loss goals sooner. 

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