5 Important Points To Remember While Building A Spice Rack In Your Kitchen


If you love cooking, then you surely know how convenient it is to have all the ingredients handy. It enhances your efficiency and saves time in the kitchen. Having all the spices right in front helps you locate what’s needed without turning the kitchen upside down. And that is exactly why we always vouch for an organised spice rack. It not only keeps the masala jars in place but also enhances the look and feel of your kitchen. In this guide, we will share some insights on how to build a spice rack that’s chic, compact and super effective as well! Let’s take you through.

Why It Is Important To Have An Organised Spice Rack At Home:

Every day, we use different types of spices to cook a range of foods. As a result, we end up having countless boxes and containers, which are a pool of whole and ground masalas. This also increases the risk of forgetting what you have in store. This is where a rack or a dedicated space comes into play. It helps with space optimisation, decoration and efficiency at work. Moreover, it helps bloom your creative mind to liven up the space with colours, texture and various shapes and sizes of the jars.
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What All To Keep In Mind While Building A Spice Rack:

1. Proximity:

Wherever the rack is, make sure it is easily accessible. Having a spice rack at extreme corners and hidden areas of the kitchen makes it tough for all to scan and pick things in between cooking.

2. Capacity:

The amount of masalas and the number of containers differ from kitchen to kitchen. So, your requirements should be customised accordingly. However, we advise dedicating a bigger space to the rack as the number of containers will increase over the years.

3. Durability:

Who would want a rack that gets broken in a few days? This will not only ruin the look of the space but also break the glass containers you use to store masalas. This is why, you must take extra care of the quality of a rack to make it long-lasting.

4. Design:

While some like in-cabinet storage space, some mount it externally on the kitchen walls. How you see your spice rack also depends on the total kitchen space and its design. So, scan your kitchen well and find the best spot before you begin building the spice rack.

5. Space:

Besides looking into the design, you must also check how far it is from the gas stove. It is important to keep spices in a cool and dry space to keep the aroma and nutritional value intact. Having it just beside a gas stove may add excess moisture to the spices, further spoiling them before time.
If you have any suggestions on building a spice rack in the kitchen, then write to us in the comments below.

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