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5 Light North Indian Snacks You Can Try This Lockdown

5 Light North Indian Snacks You Can Try This Lockdown


It hasn’t been an easy year so far. It started on a sort of a high with the news of vaccine roll-outs, the number of COVID cases also¬†declined and a lot of us started to believe that we were finally turning the tide on this gruesome pandemic, until the second wave hit us and daily number of cases started soaring again. Many states had to announce lockdowns and curfews to control the situation. The times are grim, and we are locked inside our houses again. Believe it or not, there are few things that could cheer you up, even if it is for a while. Cooking and eating home-made food with our family and closed ones have been helpful activity for us. Just the rediscovering simple recipes and mastering the same can prove to be a super joyful experience. ¬†Here are a few, light North Indian snacks that you can try today and have a gala time with your family.

1. Besan Cheela

This soft crepe-like dish happens to be an excellent source of protein. You need to make a smooth batter of gram flour and pour it evenly on a griddle, turn it over and you are done. Pair this cheela with any condiment of your choice and munch away. Click here for the recipe.


This soft crepe-like dish is a breakfast favourite

2. Paneer Bhurji Toast

Is there anything more comforting and satisfying than a well-made paneer bhurji? We guess not. This simple dish made with scrambled cottage cheese and a few crunchy veggies, herbs and spices. You could pair it with roti, or sneak some of this creamy sabzi in between two slices of bread and toast them brown. Click here for recipe of paneer bhurji.


This simple dish made with scrambled cottage cheese

3. Moonglet

Is it a chila, is it an omelette? Why don’t you try for yourself and figure out. Make a nice and smooth moong dal batter, throw in some chopped onions, capsicum, chillies and coriander. Mix it up well. Pour the batter on a tawa, cook each sides for at least 3-4 minutes and your moonglet is ready. Click here for the recipe.

4. Masala Papad

Quite possibly the easiest recipe on our list, and also among the one we are most proud of. Very few people residing in North India would not know about this genius recipe that uses roasted papad as a base for a spunky mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander leaves, green chillies and more. Here’s the full recipe.

5. Shakarkandi Chaat

Turns out that chaat need not always be a greasy and messy affair. Shakarkandi chaat is Old Delhi’s special delicacy. In this ‘healthy’ treat, boiled sweet potatoes are cut and drizzled over with lemon juice and chaat masala. Here is the tantalizing recipe.


Turns out that chaat need not always be a greasy and messy affair

Try these recipes and let us know your favourite ones in the comments below.

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