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5 Masala Sandwich Recipes To Spruce Up Your Weekend Binge Sessions

5 Masala Sandwich Recipes To Spruce Up Your Weekend Binge Sessions


For a foodie with a creative mind, experimenting with food can be quite a fun process. Be it a fusion of two completely opposite ingredients or the upgradation of a simple dish, the world of gastronomy comes with limitless scope and possibilities. And let’s agree, the weekend is the time for trying it all out. It is that time of the week when we can cook in a leisurely way in the kitchen and fix ourselves a nice meal. This time, we thought of getting a bit creative with the humble sandwich. Sandwich, as we all know, is one of the most popular foods across the globe. It is a universally accepted staple and gives you enough room for experimentation. You can literally throw anything and everything in between two slices of bread and relish them. In fact, if you explore, you will find a unique sandwich recipe in every household, prepared as per the tastes of the family. This means, there are countless sandwich recipes in this world that are yet to be explored.

This weekend, we will help you prepare some masala sandwiches that are easy, spicy and include all things desi. So, without further ado, put on your chef’s hat and get going.

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Weekend Special: Here’re 5 Masala Sandwich Recipes For You To Try:

Egg Masala Sandwich:

Egg with bread is like a match made in heaven. You can use these two ingredients to prepare a range of dishes that are easy, yummy, and wholesome. Here, we bring you an egg masala sandwich recipe that makes a perfect snack to pair up with your morning or evening cup of chai during the weekend. Click here for the recipe.

Aloo Masala Sandwich:

Indians have a special relationship with the humble aloo. We sneak this versatile vegetable into almost every dish possible. What makes it so popular is the neutral taste that helps absorb the masalas completely. This dish is spicy, and flavourful and does not need the fuss of grilling. And the best part is, you can make it in less than 15 minutes and enjoy. Click here for the recipe.

Veg Masala Sandwich:

In this recipe, we add some capsicum, tomato, onion, and other vegetables with aloo to prepare the filling. The veggies are then mixed with some amazing spices to prepare the spread for your sandwich. But before that, do not forget to roast your bread slices on a tawa over a generous dollop of butter. Click here for the recipe.

Masala Cheese Sandwich:

A cheese sandwich defines comfort and here we add some masalas to it to prepare a masala cheese sandwich. Sounds delicious, right? So, if you craving something sinful and indulgent, then this dish is a must-try. Click here for the recipe.

Masala Toast Sandwich:

Toasted golden-coloured bread, loaded with dhaniya-pudina chutney, spicy mashed aloo and a generous amount of cheese, defines bliss for every spice-lover. This wholesome sandwich not only offers a burst of flavour to our palate but also satisfies our hunger and cravings in a jiffy. Try it today! Click here for the recipe.

Happy and indulgent weekend, everyone!

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