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5 Of The Best Places To Enjoy Kebabs In Lucknow

5 Of The Best Places To Enjoy Kebabs In Lucknow


Lucknow, also known as ‘The City Of Nawabs’, is considered as one of the gastronomical capitals of India. Known for its rich cultural heritage, the city’s Nawabi culture also reflects in its exquisite Awadhi delicacies. Awadhi cuisine is characterised by the usage of aromatic masalas, elaborate preparations, and slow cooking techniques. For a food enthusiast, there’s plenty to gorge on in Lucknow. The kebabs of Lucknow in particular are famous worldwide for their unique taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture. From delectable galouti kebabs to shami kebabs and more, the city is a paradise for all the kebab lovers out there! So, if you’re someone who enjoys eating kebabs and are planning to visit Lucknow anytime soon, here are 5 best kebab places in the city that you should definitely try!

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Here’s A List Of 5 Best Places In Lucknow You Must Try For Kebabs:

1. Tunday Kababi

You can’t skip visiting Tunday Kababi when in Lucknow. Established in the year 1905, this iconic eatery is credited for introducing mouth-watering galouti kebabs to the locals. Their kebabs have a melt-in-the-mouth texture and are served hot with onions, Mughlai paratha or rumali roti.

  • Where: 168/6, Old Nazirabad Rd, Mohan Market, Khayali Ganj, Aminabad, Lucknow
  • Cost For Two: INR 300 (Approx)

2. Dastarkhwan

Another famous restaurant in Lucknow to enjoy delectable kebabs is Dastarkhwan. From shami kebab and boti kebab to seekh kebab and more, you get it all here! This place has multiple outlets across the city and often remains crowded with food connoisseurs all the time. We also recommend you to try their biryani and chicken masala fry.

  • Where: Multiple Outlets
  • Cost For Two: INR 500 (Approx)

3. Naushijaan

Located next to Tulsi Theater in Hazratganj, Naushijaan is known for its succulent and tender seekh kebabs. The flavourful aroma of their roasted kebabs is quite hard to resist. You’ll often find this place flooded with people during the evenings, gorging on different types of Awadhi delicacies. So, if you’re planning to visit Lucknow, do stop by this place!

  • Where: Tulsi Theater, Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Cost For Two: INR 850 (Approx)

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4. Sakhawat Restaurant

If you’re someone who is a fan of shami kebabs, then Sakhawat Restaurant is the place to be at. This iconic place has been serving scrumptious kebabs for over a century now. Their kebabs are made with finely-ground meat and a blend of flavourful spices. Do try their mutton shami kebab and ulte tawe ka Mughlai paratha.

  • Where: Avenue, Near Oudh Gymkhana Club, Kaiserbagh Officer’s Colony, Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow
  • Cost For Two: INR 400 (Approx)

5. Mubeen’s

Located in the bustling Chowk area of Lucknow, Mubeen’s is known for serving some of the best kebabs in the city! Made using traditional cooking techniques and recipes, their kebabs define indulgence in the true sense. This eatery has a loyal following of locals who swear by its kebabs.

  • Where: Opposite Ek Minara Masjid, Akbari Gate, 334/37, Hakim Abdul Aziz Rd, Chowk, Lucknow
  • Cost For Two: INR 300 (Approx)

Try out these places and let us know which one turned out to be your favourite!


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