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5 Street Foods That Make Indians Very, Very Nostalgic

5 Street Foods That Make Indians Very, Very Nostalgic


Despite our parents’ continuous attempts to make us eat healthy food at home. Most kids would have preferred to rely on junk food for the refreshment, especially the 90’s kids. And let’s face it, 90’s street side snacks were extremely delectable. These unique street side snacks played a major role in making our childhood really special and memorable. From mouthwatering pani puri, to chuski, to feathery cotton candy, these are some of the snacks that have been etched in our hearts forever.

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Here’s a list of 5 Indian street side snacks that will send you down the memory lane:

1. Cotton Candy

Remember those colourful, light and fluffy sugar candies? Yes, these candies have been a childhood favourite for many years. It was also very popular at most of our school fests and amusement parks. Commonly, sold as a large cloud like structure wrapped around a cardboard stick was a feathery heaven.

cotton candy

2. Banta

Watching the banta seller push the marble top and pour lemon soda straight into the glass always brought a smile to our face. No other drink can quench your thirst like a bottle of banta in the peak of summer. This drink is essentially a glass of tangy masala soda, a huge part of its charm lies in its unique bottle. The spoonful of a secret masala added to the soda was definitely a cherry on the top.


3. Chuski

Summer was incomplete without these tangy ice-lollies and having them almost every day after school was sort of a ritual . These little snow cones flavoured with fruity syrups and regional favourites like rose, kala-khatta and paan made for an instant sweet treat we could never say no to.


4. Pani-puri

This tangy and minty street food snack is the best solution for all your mood swings. The combination of mashed potatoes, chickpeas, onion and tamarind chutney and the crunch of mini puffed puris makes this snack truly one of a kind.


5. Milk Ice Cream/Popsicle

The delight of biting into a fruity popsicle and flaunting your tinted tongue make for an indispensable part of our school-time memories. These ice-creams continue to fascinate kids and grown-ups alike.


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