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5 Tips To Make Your Homemade Butter Naan Softer Than Ever

5 Tips To Make Your Homemade Butter Naan Softer Than Ever


Breads hold a significant place in Indian cuisine, enhancing the flavours of our curries. Among the diverse range, the classic butter naan enjoys widespread popularity. This leavened flatbread, traditionally prepared in a tandoor, is renowned for its exceptionally soft texture and buttery taste. While many opt to savour it at restaurants or dhabas, creating this delectable dish at home is not as daunting as it may seem. In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable tips to effortlessly craft restaurant-style soft butter naan in your own kitchen. Read on for the ultimate guide.
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Here Are 5 Tips To Make Soft Butter Naan At Home:

1. Choose the Correct Flour

It’s crucial to use the right flour for making butter naan. Despite many relying on all-purpose flour (maida), the key lies in using a blend of all-purpose and whole wheat flour (atta). This combination yields a super-soft texture reminiscent of restaurant-quality naan. For an extra touch of softness, consider incorporating some oil into the dough.

2. Add Yeast

Don’t overlook the addition of yeast to the dough. Yeast plays a vital role in aerating the dough, ensuring the naan achieves the desired soft texture. Whether opting for active dry or instant yeast, freshness is paramount. Using old yeast can lead to unsatisfactory results, so always choose fresh yeast for optimal softness.

3. Add Yogurt

In addition to yeast, incorporating yogurt into the dough is crucial. While it might seem unnecessary, yogurt is instrumental in achieving the desired level of softness in your butter naan. Beyond texture, yogurt also imparts a subtle tangy flavour to the naan, enhancing its overall appeal. Trust us; this step is indispensable for a truly delightful outcome.
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4. Allow the Dough to Rest

After preparing the dough, it’s imperative to allow it ample time to rest. Skipping this step inhibits the dough from rising fully. Place the dough in a sizable bowl, cover it with a damp cloth, and let it rest for at least 20-30 minutes. This resting period is crucial for optimal dough expansion, ensuring a superbly soft end product.

5. Cook on the Right Flame

Traditionally, butter naan is cooked in a tandoor. However, in a home setting without a tandoor, a tawa serves as a suitable alternative. The key to success lies in maintaining a high flame while cooking on the tawa. Place the naan on the heated surface, generously apply butter, and once it achieves a slight brown hue, flip the tawa for direct exposure to the flame. This technique ensures a perfectly cooked and flavourful butter naan.

So, the next time you make butter naan at home, keep these easy tips in mind. Let us know how they worked for you in the comments section below. Happy cooking!


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