Home HEALTH & FITNESS 6-Year-Old Boy Orders Over INR 80K Food Orders From Dads Phone, Leaves Him Shocked

6-Year-Old Boy Orders Over INR 80K Food Orders From Dads Phone, Leaves Him Shocked

6-Year-Old Boy Orders Over INR 80K Food Orders From Dads Phone, Leaves Him Shocked


Obsession with smartphones is such nowadays that even kids are hooked to it. We often see parents giving in to young children’s demands of watching videos and playing games on phones. One dad routinely gave his phone to his 6-year-old child to play games for half an hour before going to bad. But a particular day turned into a horror for him. Instead of playing games, the young boy opened a food delivery app and ordered humongous amount of food from different restaurants, resulting in a whopping order of $1000 (INR 82,000 approx.). 

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With his mother out of home on a Saturday night, the boy from Chesterfield Township in Metro Detroit ordered all that food from Grubhub food delivery app. All this while, his father, Keith Stonehouse, assumed he was playing games. And to make it worse, the boy even gave a 25% tip on each order! It was only when the doorbell kept ringing and one food delivery came after another, his father realized something was afoot. 

First came in some shrimp appetiser from Happy’s restaurant, then chicken pita sandwiches from Shawarma and ice cream from Leo’s. And the food kept coming, which included jumbo shrimps, salads, chili cheese fries, ice cream, grape leaves, rice and more! 

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“This was like something out of a “Saturday NightLive” skit,” Stonehouse told MLive. “I was putting Mason to bed and saw a car pull up and the doorbell rang with the driver dropping off a big bag of stuff. My wife owns “A Slice of Heaven Cakes” bakery and it was a big wedding weekend, so I thought it was just someone dropping off decorative stuff they used from her. But it was from Leo’s Coney Island. I said, ‘What the heck?'” 

Narrating the story further, Stonehouse added, “The doorbell rang again, and it kept happening. Car after car. Cars were pulling into the driveway while others were pulling out. I looked at my bank account and it was getting drained.” 

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After the incident came into limelight, Grubhub app reached out to the Stonehouse family and offered them a $1,000 gift card. All is well that ends well. 

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