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7 Indian Curries That You Can Make In Just 30 Minutes

7 Indian Curries That You Can Make In Just 30 Minutes


During the lockdown, cooking has been a perfect mode of entertainment for many of us. However, for a large section of the population, cooking meals while juggling with an intense work-from-home schedule can be quite a demanding task. With limited resources and time at hand, sometimes people tend to skip meals or order in from restaurants regularly, both of which are not good ideas in the long run. What if we tell you we have some recipes that will give you all the warmth and goodness of home food within just 30 minutes? Yes, you read it right. We have a list of such Indian recipes that you can enjoy during a busy week at work.


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Here’re 7 Indian Recipes That You Can Make In Just 30 Minutes:

Sambar In A Microwave

If you thought that traditional dishes like sambar will need your undivided attention and time, we are here to surprise you. The iconic south Indian curry that is a staple in several households — sometimes even for all three meals — can be made in a microwave using this easy recipe. And as we promised, you will have a bowl of soothing and flavourful sambar in just 30 minutes. Check out the recipe here.

Tomato Paneer

An under 30-minute Indian curry can also be loaded with flavours and zing, and this recipe is the proof. Tomato paneer is filled with the goodness of ingredients such as cottage cheese, tomato puree, mild spices and olive oil. The best part is that this is also a low-calorie recipe. Do you need any better reason to try this dish out? Click here for recipe.

Aloo Tamatar Ka Jhol

Potatoes and tomatoes are ingredients that hold a constant position in pantries across the world. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t be bothered to look through your grocery bag, this recipe can come to your rescue. If you are feeling adventurous, you can add some fried paneer to the dish as we have suggested in the recipe. Click here to know more.


Green Fish Curry

If you thought only vegetarian dishes could be made within the tight 30-minute time-frame, then we have news for you. The lovely green fish curry is a dish that you can make well under half an hour and its taste will only make you reach out for multiple helpings. Find the recipe here.

Butter Paneer

Butter paneer is an iconic Indian curry that has been recreated in various styles across the country. But just because it has been around for long does not mean it has to be tough to make. This simple recipe will ensure that you have a piping hot bowl of butter paneer in no time. The creamy gravy is enjoyed best with rice or rotis. Click here for recipe.

Kukkad Jhol

All you chicken lovers, we have something special for you. This chicken recipe combines the goodness of two special Indian cuisines. The Kukkad Jhol brings together the richness of Bengali food and the irresistible flavours of Punjabi dishes. And it can be cooked in half an hour. We have a winner, what say? Click here for recipe.

Chepala Iguru (Fish Curry)

Chepala Iguru from Andhra Pradesh is the perfect spicy fish curry recipe that you can pair with some white rice and call it a day. The rich flavours of the dish are created using very few ingredients, which also makes it the perfect ‘under 30-minute’ recipe. We recommend garnishing the curry with some coriander leaves to make it look yet more appetising. Find the recipe here.

With seven delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian curry options that can be made in a jiffy, you can sit back and relax this week. Tell us which recipe you are going to replicate first.


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