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8 Tips For Picking and Storing Oranges Like A Pro

8 Tips For Picking and Storing Oranges Like A Pro


As winter sets in, the delightful burst of citrus flavour takes centre stage with the arrival of oranges. Much like the seasonal indulgence in mangoes during the summer, oranges come into their own during the winter months, available in abundance from November to April. Bursting with antioxidants and Vitamin C, this fruit not only boosts immunity but also helps keep you hydrated. Beyond being a delightful snack, oranges are versatile ingredients in various recipes, allowing you to use every part, from the juicy slices to the flavorful peel. However, the real joy of indulging in this fruit lies not just in choosing the right orange but also in storing it correctly. In this comprehensive guide, we not only provide insights into selecting the perfect oranges but also offer easy and effective storage tips.

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Choosing the Right Orange:

1. Weight Matters:

When selecting an orange, don’t be swayed by colour alone. Opt for a heavier orange, indicating juiciness. Lighter ones may lack the desired succulence.

2. The Squeeze Test:

Gently press the orange; if it feels overly firm, it might be underripe. A slight give indicates ripeness and juiciness.

3. Color Isn’t Everything:

The colour of the peel doesn’t determine sweetness. Whether it’s orange with an orange or green peel, both can be equally juicy and sweet.

4. Avoid Thick Peels:

Steer clear of oranges with thick peels, stains, or holes, as these may indicate spoilage.

Tips for Proper Orange Storage:

1. Room Temperature:

If you’ve stocked up on oranges and need to store them, room temperature is ideal. Ensure they’re shielded from sunlight and stored in a dark, cool room.

2. Use Net Bags in the Refrigerator

For refrigerator storage, use net bags. Place whole oranges on a refrigerator shelf, ensuring they aren’t too high to prevent freezing.

3. Airtight Containers:

Preserve the freshness of whole oranges by storing them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If you’re pressed for time, cut the orange into pieces, seal them tightly, and refrigerate to retain flavour and juice.

4. Cling Wrap for Partial Oranges:

When only consuming half an orange, protect the remaining portion from drying out by wrapping it in cling wrap before refrigerating.

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Make the most of this winter’s orange harvest by being mindful of your choices when purchasing and employing these storage tips. Share your favourite storage technique and enhance your orange-eating experience!

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