Viral Now: AI Artwork Featuring Fruit-Themed Furniture Wins Over Internet


The use of artificial intelligence tools has revolutionised the possibilities in the field of visual design. Artists and designers are using AI in creative and ingenious ways to bring their imagination to life. Some time ago, AI-generated artworks featuring buildings covered in pasta received a lot of interest online (Read full story here). More recently, another type of food-themed AI design has grabbed many eyeballs online. This series of designs showcases pieces of furniture like couches and chairs shaped like fruits.

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In the Instagram carousel by @lulumoonowlbooks, we first encounter a sofa shaped like a halved watermelon. The exterior has a typical green colour, while the seating portion is a deep red. Next is a couch covered with grape designs. There are also pieces of furniture shapes like a banana, pear, strawberry, coconut and pineapple. The attractive orange recliner features slices of orange rather than the whole fruit. Wondering how the creator came up with these designs? In the caption, they have clarified that “These fantasy scenes were created using mixed media & programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Midjourney prompts and with the use of RF stock images from Unsplash & Pexels.” Check out the carousel below:

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The Instagram post has received over 1.9 million views so far. The comment section has exploded with appreciative remarks. Many people have expressed a wish to own such furniture. Others have applauded the creator’s skill. Read some of the reactions here:
“So simple yet so creative.”
“What a great concept! I love the last one the most.”
“The banana couch would be perfect with a reading lamp. But I love the watermelon the most.”
“I like them all orange was so vibrant great was too cute but coconut looks so comfy and earthy. Pear was cute too.”
“Orange looks uncomfortable.”
“We need the watermelon and pineapple chairs!!”
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Before this, the creator had designed similar fruit-themed furniture using AI. The results were slightly different, but eye-catching nonetheless. Take a look at them below:

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