9 Indian Egg Recipes You Can Try At Home


Eggs are super versatile.


  • Egg is a versatile ingredient
  • Indian cuisine has many delicious egg delicacies
  • Here are 9 egg dishes you can try at home

Think of versatile comfort food and one is immediately clouded with countless egg delicacies to try! Not only egg is rich in protein it is also highly versatile so it can be turned into many lip-smacking dishes. Indian cuisine is packed with a host of mouth-watering options made with eggs that you can add to your diet. If sunny-side up makes you go weak in the knees, flavourful anda bhurji can easily please your taste buds. Fluffy omelettes might be one of the classic breakfasts, but have you tried egg chaat yet?

From egg chaat to dosa to even egg biryani, Indian cuisine has a lot to offer with the versatile food! Here we have 9 desi egg recipes that you must try!

9 Indian Egg Recipes To Try:

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1. Anda Bhurji

Call it the Indian cousin of scrambled eggs, egg bhurji is a lip-smacking combination of eggs, butter and a whole lot of masalas that can be paired with anything, from toasted bread to pav. Find the full recipe here.


Quick, easy and absolutely delicious!


2. Egg Dosa

Ever thought about dosa stuffed with eggs or mutta? This south Indian favourite is a stellar one, popular on the streets of the south. This can be one of your quickest, easiest breakfasts to try at home! Click here for the recipe.


Dosa is a south Indian staple.

3. Anda Kaleji

Eggs cooked with chicken liver along with a host of fiery masalas make for this scrumptious dinner party dish to serve with naan or rice. The sheer amount of spices is making us slurp already! Find the full recipe here.

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Chicken liver cooked with egg is a wholesome meal.

4. Egg Curry

Boiled eggs tossed in a home-made spicy curry and a crackling tempering of mustard, fenugreek, cumin and curry leaves – this egg curry can be a great option for dinner parties or even a casual lunch at home. It is a quick and easy egg recipe, which you can simply pair with rice or roti for a delicious, wholesome meal. Click here for the recipe.

egg curry

Egg curry can be a good lunch or dinner option.

5. Egg Paratha

This is one combination that can never go wrong or fail to satiate your cravings! Parathas are a classic Indian meal for all occasions; breakfast lunch or dinner! Stuffed with eggs, chillies, onion and garam masala, this one is sure to go down your list of favourites. Find the full recipe here.


Paratha is a wholesome meal to rellish.

6. Muttai Thokku

A quick and easy south Indian combination of eggs with a thick onion-tomato masala, Muttai Thokku goes perfectly well with rice or appam. Click here for the full recipe.


South Indian cuisine has many unique egg delicacies.

7. Egg Chaat

This desi mix of boiled eggs, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, lime and tamarind is a stellar one to try at home! The tangy, spicy flavours are sure to sizzle your taste buds and can let you have just the perfect snack to savour when hunger pangs strike. Click here for the recipe.


Tangy, wholesome, quick and easy!

8. Egg Roll

Eggs mixed with milk, yogurt, and lightly spiced with pepper, are cooked like pancakes and rolled for a quick and light meal. Find the full recipe here.


Egg roll is a perfect meal to satiate hunger pangs.

9. Egg Biryani

The mention of biryani in enough to gather a crowd no matter where! Indians love a bowl of aromatic biryani and there’s no hiding it anymore. This recipe of egg biryani has scrambled eggs tossed in a pool of spices and rice to create a soul-pleasing meal you will not be able to resist! Find the full recipe here.



Nobody can ever say no to biryani!

Try these delicious Indian egg recipes at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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